Just when I thought Showtime was going to run one of my favorites into the ground, leaving us with nothing but the smoldering remnants of a once-fine series, the cable channel has announced the end of “Shameless.” The show, currently in the middle of its 10th season, its first without former lead Emmy Rossum, will finish up with the 11th season.

And that final season is coming soon: Showtime says it plans to run it this coming summer, to pair it with the second season return of Kirsten Dunst’s “On Becoming a God in Central Florida.” So fans will have a “Shameless” 2020 twofer. The current cast will return, with a possible visit from Rossum.


I don’t mean to pretend that “Shameless” hasn’t already lost some of its mojo. It’s not just the loss of Rossum, who anchored the show with her character’s more dramatically inclined story lines; it’s hard for any series to stay creatively fresh once the number of seasons rises above three or four. Alas, Showtime has a habit of holding on too long, with “Weeds,” “Homeland,” “Dexter,” and “Ray Donovan” all more or less overstaying their welcome.

Still, it’s good to know that it’s all beginning to wrap up. Until someone decides to reboot, of course.

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