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Sign up for the Globe's new parenting newsletter, In the Family Way.
Sign up for the Globe's new parenting newsletter, In the Family Way.Heather Hopp-Bruce

We knew this moment would come eventually: September. Back to school. Back to a new form of strange reality, and all of the questions that it entails for parents. Are you wondering whether it’s safe for your kids to play sports this fall? What about — gasp — mixed playdates between your remote learner and his hybrid best friend? Are you navigating a learning pod or working in between logging your sullen student into a dozen Zoom calls per day? We’re right there with you.

That’s why we’re launching In the Family Way, a newsletter and column focused on how to parent during this crazy COVID-19 era — while your family is, let’s face it, in your way. It’ll tackle sticky questions regarding health, family life, education, and socializing. (What does that even mean anymore?) It will appear every Thursday in your inbox, starting today. Consider it a candid dose of help and humor when we parents need it most. Up first? Not being so hard on yourself.


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To kick off the newsletter, the Globe held a virtual event on Tuesday called “Venturing out: How kids can socialize safely this fall.” If you were unable to join us live, all is not lost. You can watch it now on YouTube. Kara Baskin, author of the new parenting newsletter, interviewed an expert panel of top New England physicians and COVID-19 researchers (who are also parents!) to explore the risks and rewards involved in everyday activities this fall. It was a lively (and dare we say fun?) session infused with advice on what to do, what not to do, and how families can make everyday life safer as they get used to the new normal.

Kara Baskin can be reached at kara.baskin@globe.com. Follow her on Twitter @kcbaskin. Chris Morris can be reached at christine.morris@globe.com. Follow her on Twitter @morrisglobe.