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Blind date: ‘I think we both had an “up for anything” kind of approach’

Will these two daters find they miss the in-person connection?

Eric M. and Carolyn P. on their blind date on Zoom.
Eric M. and Carolyn P. on their blind date on Zoom.handout

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Carolyn P.: 25 / copywriter

Her interests: Beach, hiking, and practicing yoga

Her perfect mate: Adam Driver and a musician

Eric M.: 27 / research associate

When he is happiest: On his motorcycle, snowboarding, or traveling

On a desert island, he’d bring: Music, notebook, and a pen



Carolyn Before signing on, I made a jalapeño pineapple margarita and started to unwind.

Eric I went for a run after work like I usually do and then got ready.


Carolyn I’d never been on a blind date before and definitely never dated via Zoom, so everything was very new.

Eric I was there first and shortly after my date popped up. It was quiet for a couple of seconds while we took each other in and made sure our cameras were angled properly.

Carolyn I thought he was cute. He had a nice smile.

Eric I found my date attractive. She had a nice face and I liked her hair.


Carolyn This was our first blind date and “Zoom dating” experience. The combination made things a little difficult to find our footing.

Eric I’m not a huge fan of video chatting in general. It’s hard to read body language virtually.

Carolyn I think we both had an “up for anything” kind of approach. He’s passionate about snowboarding and loves being outdoors. He likes traveling and has been to a wide variety of places.

Eric There was some talk of where we had been and would want to go. She had done most of her traveling within the United States, while I have been abroad a few times.


Carolyn We both were into music but did seem to have different tastes.

Eric My piano was in the background, which prompted her to ask me about music. We talked about the music we liked and Boston’s best venues.

Carolyn I ordered grilled octopus and a clam pizza from Volturno in Worcester—their octopus is one of my favorite dishes.

Eric I ordered zinfandel braised short rib and key lime cheesecake from 3 Restaurant. The food was great and the short rib was really tender.

Carolyn There were moments when we couldn’t find something to talk about. Again, it felt like a lot of that was because the date was virtual. It’s weird to constantly see yourself on screen; I wasn’t really able to get out of my own head.

Eric The conversation never seemed to flow organically.


Carolyn I think it was definitely a “this could go either way” feeling. We mentioned potentially meeting up when things feel more normal.

Eric We exchanged numbers and called it a night.


Carolyn I’m not sure.... I don’t feel like we had a fair shot at getting to know one another, but I don’t know if that was because of the virtual dating.

Eric I would give an in-person date a chance. I don’t think we had much romantic chemistry, but she did seem like someone I would be friends with.


Carolyn / B+

Eric / B


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