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President Obama offers high praise for Senator Reed in his new book

Obama was joined on a 2008 trip to Afghanistan and Iraq by Reed and Nebraska Republican Chuck Hagel, who he described as “two of my favorite colleagues” in the Senate

"A Promised Land" by former President Barack Obama is displayed in the window of a New York bookstore, Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020.
"A Promised Land" by former President Barack Obama is displayed in the window of a New York bookstore, Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020.Mark Lennihan/Associated Press

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ICYMI: Rhode Island was up to 46,951 confirmed coronavirus cases on Thursday, after adding 921 new cases. The overall daily test-positive rate was 5.8 percent, and the first-time positive rate was 24.3 percent. The state announced four more deaths, bringing the total to 1,288. There were 298 people in the hospital.


I’ll be honest: I mostly bought former President Barack Obama’s new book, “A Promised Land,” to see if he offered a review of the “Death by Chocolate” cake that he once bought from Gregg’s (if he’d asked, I’d have told him the regular layer cake is the way to go).

While it doesn’t include Obama’s view on Rhode Island cuisine, he does offer high praise for US Senator Jack Reed, who accompanied him on visits to Afghanistan and Iraq shortly after he wrapped up the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008.

In the book, Obama explains that the nine-day trip overseas trip, which included his famous speech in Berlin, was designed to “not only dispel concerns voters might have about my ability to operate effectively on the world stage but also highlight – at a time when voters were deeply troubled by the strained alliances of the [President] Bush years – just what a new era of American leadership might look like.”

Obama was joined on part of the trip by Reed and Nebraska Republican Chuck Hagel, who he described as “two of my favorite colleagues” in the Senate. He refers to Reed as a liberal Democrat who is “slightly built, studious, and understated,” and notes that Reed and Hagel have different personalities.


”What the two shared was an abiding reverence for the US military and belief in the prudent use of American power,” Obama writes. “After almost six years, their views on Iraq had converged, and they were now two of the war’s most incisive and credible critics.”

Obama writes that the bipartisan presence of Reed and Hagel helped deflect criticism that the trip was a campaign stunt, even as he concedes that it was an “elaborate edition on the international stage.”

The trip was deemed a success by reporters around the US, providing Obama a crucial boost as he prepared to take on US Senator John McCain, a foreign policy expert, in the presidential election. And he felt he passed the test.

”Returning from my overseas trip, I felt like an astronaut or an explorer just back from an arduous expedition, charged with adrenaline and vaguely disoriented by ordinary life,” Obama writes.


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