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A cool, damp day to start the workweek

A rainbow over South Natick Monday morning.
A rainbow over South Natick Monday morning.DAVE EPSTEIN

My workweek started with an early rainbow, but unfortunately, this beautiful optical phenomenon is not bringing better weather today.

A flow of ocean air will keep temperatures cooler than average along with a plethora of clouds throughout the afternoon. This will be the coolest day of the next several with most areas staying under 50 degrees. The exception will be far inland locations that may get a little milder, especially toward Connecticut.

In terms of precipitation, there’s not a lot of support for any significant rainfall although there might be a spot shower or a little bit of drizzle today.  You can still plan to work outside but dress for the cool weather.


Cooler than average conditions are likely today.
Cooler than average conditions are likely today.NWS

The breeze won’t be particularly strong, but you’ll notice it. This will add to the raw, damp feeling of the day. As dry air works into New England, we may luck out with a good sunset and skies will certainly at least partially clear overnight. This will set the stage for more seasonable temperatures Tuesday through Thursday along with generally dry conditions.

Late Thursday and into Friday, we will have to watch a storm system moving southeast from Canada. This area of clouds and rain will then be heading for the coastline. Since we are in an abnormally dry pattern, I don’t want to forecast significant rain just yet but there is the possibility that we could see some beneficial rain at the end of the week.

A storm may bring some rain and even wet snow late this week.
A storm may bring some rain and even wet snow late this week.COD Weather

The potential track of this storm also will pull in cold air from the north, and I think we’re going to have to introduce snow back into the forecast at least for the higher elevations of parts of New England.

With the storm still so many days away there’s a lot of details to be worked out, including the total amount of rainfall and just how chilly it will be during the event.  The long-range forecast once again has a very solid line of no rain versus significant rain and it is possible this whole thing misses us and we stay in the early stages of drought.


If the storm keeps moving, we should clear out for the weekend but we’ll have to keep an eye on how quickly this happens as there’s some risk Saturday starts a little unsettled. Bottom line, we have a chance of late-week rain, we need it badly, and until then things look generally quite Aprilish.