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Blind date: ‘Sports are very important to me’

Will it be love-love for these two tennis players?

This week's daters: Noah and Katie

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KATIE B.: 24 / teacher

HER PERFECT MATCH: Zac Efron, in business or medicine

HER HOBBIES: Traveling, going to the beach, playing tennis

NOAH L.: 24 / biologist

WHEN HE IS HAPPIEST: Making a really good tennis shot

LOOKING FOR MRS. RIGHT or MISS RIGHT NOW? Something long term — he hates hookup culture



Katie My mom reads Cupid every Sunday and has been wanting me to try it.


Noah It was my grandmother’s idea.

Katie I listened to music, and talked to a friend on the phone.

Noah I was excited because I hadn’t done anything like this before and the restaurant looked good.

Katie I was on time and he was a few minutes late. The host brought him over. He was not what I was expecting. Not someone I would typically point out at a bar.

Noah Definitely not my type. I tend to go for more athletic types. Sports are very important to me.


Katie We talked about where we live, what we do for work, how we got signed up for Cupid. We discovered that we both play and love tennis.

Noah We introduced ourselves — what we like to do, where we’re from, where we went to school/what we do for work. She’s a teacher — not a science person. She likes to go to the Vineyard.

Katie He wasn’t super conversational [and didn’t ask] me many questions. He seemed pretty flat throughout.

Noah She seemed pretty chill. I was comfortable; the lack of a romantic attraction to someone doesn’t preclude me from relaxing and having a good time.

Katie I ordered a fancier version of a mozzarella stick with three types of pestos. I got a four-cheese ravioli. The food was good and the atmosphere was very nice.


Noah The service and food were excellent. There were two kinds of bread: a crusty Italian type and also a rich, buttery garlic bread with extra virgin olive oil. I ordered a lemon martini, and started with a scallop crudo. My meal was Chilean sea bass, which was also very tasty. We elected against dessert given the generous size of the appetizers.

Katie His appearance is just not what I’m looking for, although I did try and get past this and give his personality a chance, but that wasn’t for me, either.

Noah Honestly, we didn’t seem to have too much in common, from career choice to things we like to do.


Katie It ended at the right time. We split the bill and walked out together. I had to call an Uber, so I stayed inside and he walked out.

Noah We decided against dessert, split the check, and left.

Katie We barely said bye. It seemed as though we were both done and ready to leave.

Noah I said nice meeting you, and good luck!


Katie No, not my type. He was nice, [and] it was a cool experience to try, just wasn’t a love connection! A big deal breaker too was that he doesn’t like kids and I’m a teacher. Seemed like a smart guy though, and it’s cool that he appreciates tennis.


Noah No.


Katie / C

Noah / B-

Go on an in-person or virtual blind date. We’ll pick up the tab. Fill out an application at Follow us on Twitter or Instagram @dinnerwithcupid.