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Providence bar brawl leads to smashed bottles, chairs, and tables — and one arrest

As music played, people scrambled on the floor, which was covered with spilled drinks and broken glass. Then the music stopped and the fighting escalated.

PROVIDENCE — A Providence disco bar’s liquor and entertainment licenses are at risk after police responded to a wild bar brawl Sunday night.

Mi Sueno Disco Bar, at 1070 Broad St., has been the subject of complaints in the past. But new videos circulating on social media show a kind of chaos that people may not have seen there in the past. On Sunday, patrons there faced off with bottles, chairs, and fists.

As music played, people scrambled on the floor, which was covered with spilled drinks and broken glass. The music stopped and the fighting escalated. People were flung to the ground, and then others climbed on them and hit them. Several threw punches before grabbing black wooden chairs and smashing them down on other patrons.


WJAR-TV Channel 10 reported that Alexander Burgos Cerda, 20, of Providence, was arrested after police found a gun in his fanny pack.

Videos on social media show more chaos: men and women hurling longneck bottles from across the room, people tumbling into tables, and security guards covering their faces to protect their eyes from the shattering glass.

A video posted at @tdyrerick on TikTok shows customers and staff helping to clean broken glasses off the bar and pick up tables strewn across the floor. Numerous empty tin beer buckets and ice lay tipped over on the floor and tables, which were pushed up against the walls. The tables were covered in drinks, food, and hookah pipes.

Mi Sueno, which in English means “My Dream,” is scheduled for a hearing with the Providence Board of Licenses at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday at City Hall regarding incidents on Saturday and Sunday. The spokesman for the city’s board of licenses said there have been reports of music from establishments in that area that could be felt blocks away. The board is going to discuss the incidents and decide if the bar’s license is at risk. The bar has voluntarily closed until Wednesday.


In 2015, GoLocalProv reported that a neighbor filed a complaint with the city about noise and parking issues at the establishment, which is licensed for alcohol, live music, and DJ entertainment.

In 2010, Mi Sueno attempted to appeal a suspension by the City of Providence Board of Licenses Class BX liquor license for two weeks beginning on Oct. 4, 2010, after a fight inside and outside the establishment where pepper spray was used. However, the Department of Business Regulation denied the appeal.

According to the order denying the motion, Mi Sueno had monetary sanctions prior to 2010 for illegal activity that did not result in a suspension.

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