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🎃 A one-stop guide to trick-or-treating in Rhode Island

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Happy Halloween!

There are a lot of serious issues happening all over the world, but today is the one day when it’s perfectly acceptable to let your hair down, dress up like a Ninja Turtle, and fill a pillow sack with a year’s worth of candy from total strangers.

To start your day, I highly recommend my colleague Devra First’s annual review of the best and worst candies. She’s dead wrong (who the heck wants Smarties?), but it’s still a fun read.

And if you’re looking for some of the best trick-or-treat neighborhoods in Rhode Island, here are some of the suggestions Rhode Map readers have sent in over the past couple of years.


Elmhurst in Providence: Well-lit streets, accessible sidewalks, lots of neighbors getting into the spirit. We get 100s of trick-or-treaters each year. – Carly Bourne

McGowan note: If you travel farther down Mount Pleasant Avenue, the rumor is they give out plenty of Ring Pops.

Greenwood in Warwick: The Greenwood section of Warwick takes Halloween very seriously. The geography helps: a grid-style street pattern with plenty of homes to hit, and many local police, fire, and teachers as residents, make it a perfect storm for Halloween. – Steve Hayes

Riverside in East Providence: There is an absolutely fabulous Halloween display on Oak Avenue in Riverside, and we are still a small village where people know each other and love children. – Carole Marshall

All of Exeter: Exeter streets are the best for trick-or-treating. Dads drive their kids from house to house on tractors and riding lawn mowers. – Mary Zych

Cumberland Hill in Cumberland: We get tons of trick-or-treaters. People park at the nearby shopping plaza and go from street to street. We usually get upwards of 300 visitors – David Heath

Greenville in Smithfield: Around Crestview and Mayfield streets, it’s a well-lit, walkable neighborhood (a large circle) with freshly-paved streets. Neighbors give out king-size candy bars to teens, freshly popped popcorn, and even Jell-O shots and wine cups for parents. One neighbor even puts out a giant outdoor movie screen for kids/families to bring blankets and watch an outdoor Halloween movie. – Kristin Cassarino


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