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‘Explain Boston to me’: With help from guests, Cambridge transplant’s podcast explores what makes the region unique

“I want that kind of deep knowledge in my new home,” says Lee Stabert, a Philadelphia native who launched the project in July.

Cambridge City Hall from above.David L. Ryan/Globe Staff/David L Ryan, Globe Staff

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Moving to this area isn’t always easy. In fact, on more than one occasion in recent days, people have turned to the Cambridge and Somerville Reddit communities in search of ways to make new friends.

But besides trying to cure loneliness here, wrapping your head around some of the things that make the area uniquely “us” — we’re thinking Dunkin’, Damon (and Affleck), the Big Dig, the T, “Storrowings,” turkeys — can also be tough.


Allow Cambridge transplant Lee Stabert to help you with that.

Stabert is the host of a podcast called “Explain Boston to Me,” where she invites on local guests and has them unpack the topics that matter to the region, and dissect the quirks and traditions that make us tick.

So far, since launching the project in July, she’s tackled everything from “Allston Christmas” to the Harvard Square Pit, bringing on notable names from the area like WBZ’s Matt Shearer and “transit influencer” Jed Paul.

There’s been lots of coverage about Boston and beyond. But, as a current Cambridge resident who moved here from Philadelphia in 2022, there’s more topics about the so-called “Camberville” area that she’d like to crack into.

“I’ve always prided myself on being the person who knows all the hyper-local minutia — I know what a South Philly ‘Pizzazz’ pizza slice entails (American cheese, fresh tomato, and banana peppers, if you’re wondering) and I can tell the Detmer brothers apart,” Stabert explained in an email. “I want that kind of deep knowledge in my new home.”


Among other things, she’d like to know “why my daughter’s school is closed on something called ‘Patriots Day,’” and “why the Green Line extension took so long” — answers she can get from local guests who are in-the-know.

Stabert is always looking for new ideas and “passionate guests,” and is encouraging people to reach out to her on Instagram with any thoughts about what could be included on future shows.

We can certainly think of a few subjects worth exploring, and she already has her eye on the Market Basket fandom (Somerville’s is the best) and people’s passion for Fluff.

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