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A stubborn optimist

As the country endures a record wave of infection and death in the ongoing pandemic, while the aspiring autocrat of an incumbent refuses to concede the Presidency, and with the promise of a polity further divided in anger and resentment, it seems like the perfect time to remember why we miss President Barack Obama.


A mother’s choice in Christa Parravani’s ‘Loved and Wanted’

This is a story Christa Parravani never thought she’d tell. By forty, she’d lived through her twin sister’s death, a failed marriage, and psychiatric hospitalization, all movingly detailed in her 2013 memoir, “Her.” Now that she was remarried with two small daughters and a job she loved teaching writing at West Virginia University, she hoped to find emotional and financial stability. Then she found out she was accidentally pregnant.


Fiction set in a near-waterless future in Cynan Jones’s ‘Stillicide’

Sometimes real-world problems are best explained through fiction. BBC Radio Four must have had this in mind when they gave Cynan Jones the green light to write these tense, stark, and beautifully paced connecting stories.

Reading for humor, company during insomnia

Jerald Walker spent years trying to publish his short stories, to no avail. When his wife suggested he write essays, he wrote one. Now his essay collection, “How to Make a Slave and Other Essays,” was named a finalist for this year’s National Book Award in nonfiction.