Latest Headlines in Movies

Trying to serve two masters in ‘Doctor Sleep’

The movie simultaneously attempts to honor both Stephen King’s writing and Stanley Kubrick's iconic film, "The Shining."


In ‘Synonyms,’ please pardon the young man’s French

The movie, winner of the top prize at this year’s Berlin Film Festival, is antic, poetic, funny, and alarming in equal measure – a real ride.

Matt Damon on the ‘great underdog story’ of ‘Ford v Ferrari’

For the Cambridge-born actor, there’s a lot to like about this true tale from auto racing history.

In ‘Frankie,’ life and death meet a lot of loveliness

A legendary actress (Isabelle Huppert) plays a legendary actress (the title character), terminally ill and bidding farewell to family and friends.

Ty Burr

What could be the year’s best film was virtually made for TV

Is it a shame that almost everyone will watch “The Irishman” at home on Netflix? Sure. But without Netflix the film wouldn’t exist.

A documentary you watch with your ears

Midge Costin’s documentary offers a lively and informative overview of how much what we hear at the movies enhances, enriches, and enlarges what we see.

The kid has left the picture

Robert Evans was the last of the larger-than-life studio chiefs.