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Latest Headlines in Movies

Valene Kane  in "Profile."

‘Profile’ is the terrorist thriller as IT session

This innovative drama about an English reporter infiltrating ISIS online is told entirely through screenshots.

Kelvin Harrison Jr. in "Monster."

In ‘Monster,’ on Netflix: when matters of innocence and guilt get complicated

This adaptation of the Walter Dean Myers young adult novel, starring Kelvin Harrison Jr. as a 17-year-old boy accused of being accessory to a murder, is solid, well-acted, and thought-provoking.

Jason Statham, left, and Josh Hartnett in "Wrath of Man."

In ‘Wrath of Man,’ Jason Statham works for an armored car company. Now there’s trouble.

It's a propulsive but wearily routine revenge thriller directed by Guy Ritchie with none of the Ritchie hallmarks (wit, surprises, oddball supporting characters played by slumming name stars).

Jesmark Scicluna in "Luzzu" by Alex Camilleri, one of notable award-winning films from Sundance being screened at the 2021 Nantucket Film Festival.

See the complete lineups for the 2021 Provincetown and Nantucket film festivals

In-person events are making a comeback this summer. Here’s what else to expect.

Peter Dalle and Charlie Gustafsson in "The Restaurant."

16 TV shows that make your family look functional

Dramatic series that explore the bonds and betrayals of sprawling, ungainly family units scratch a primal itch, the one that says: You think your family is crazy? Wait’ll you get a load of this one.

A scene from "The Crime of the Century."

A man-made plague; the pursuit of peace; honor thy mother

The COVID-19 pandemic did not slow down the progress of another plague – that of opioid addiction. In “The Crime of the Century,” Alex Gibney exposes the history, causes, and culprits behind the wave of addictions and overdoses that have killed over half a million people so far in this century.

Jim Jarmusch, from "Some Collages," published by Anthology Editions.

Lights, camera … collage?

Jim Jarmusch is the latest example of a film director moonlighting in other media.

From "Gunda."

In ‘Gunda,’ a ‘now’ that never ends

Viktor Kosakovskiy’s documentary is an astonishing work of pure cinema.