Latest Headlines in Movies

Herzog’s heavens; a terrible wrong; playing and planting

Looking at “Fireball: Visitors from Darker Worlds.” “Crawford: The Man the South Forgot.” and “Chuck Leavell: The Tree Man.”

‘Mank’: The forgotten genius of Hollywood screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz

The "Citizen Kane" co-writer is the star of the new David Fincher-directed biopic.


In Focus: In ‘Crazy, Not Insane,’ on HBO, entering the minds of serial killers

Alex Gibney turns his attention to the psychopathology of serial killers


On Showtime, ‘Belushi’ goes beyond ‘SNL,’ Bluto Blutarsky, and the Blues Brothers

A satisfying if ultimately shallow trawl through a rich and tragic life.

In ‘Sound of Metal,’ losing your hearing and finding a new life

Riz Ahmed (“The Night Of”) gives a tour de force performance as a rock drummer who goes deaf and rebels against his new world of silence.

Hooray for Hollywood? Hooray for ‘Mank’

As in Herman Mankiewicz, the witty writer of “Citizen Kane,” here played by Gary Oldman with shabby brilliance. The David Fincher film is a lustrous, dense, and damning tale of a writer’s revenge on powerful media men and a supple metaphor for today’s faux news.


In ‘The Last Vermeer,’ painting a very different picture

A sweeping and serious-minded World War II-era drama about a painting stolen by the Nazis and the dissolute artist who may have brokered the deal.


This ‘Twentieth Century’ is clearly Canadian

Matthew Rankin’s cracked history of Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie King exists somewhere on the Venn diagram between midnight movie, fever dream, Turner Classics fetish object, and Great White North prank.