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A disease defeated, women resisting, Manitoba remembered, children rescued

A look at documentaries about the eradication of polio, female partisans in Italy during World War II, growing up in Winnipeg, and saving children in Ghana.

‘Single’ a standout among SXSW Festival’s short film offerings online

Short, good, and no charge: What’s not to like?


‘Never Rarely Sometimes Always’ is a quietly devastating drama about the lives of young women in America

“Never Rarely Sometimes Always” is a road-trip movie, but with the stakes high and the hi-jinks nonexistent.

In ‘Sorry We Missed You,’ putting an all-too-human face on the gig economy

The film’s central figure delivers parcels for an international delivery service. His wife is an at-home caregiver.


A summer camp that enabled the disabled

The uplifting documentary “Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution” shows how campers in the late 1960s became aware of the limitations imposed on them when they returned to the real world. Later, their demonstrations helped pass the Rehabilitation Act.


R. Crumb’s cartoon therapy; a cruel solution to overpopulation

"Crumb" is a portrait of an artist who refuses to censor himself; "One Child Nation" examines the suppressed history of population control in China.


Extra-sensory perception from a trio of boundary pushers

Films from Harvard’s Sensory Ethnography Lab get a showcase on the Criterion Channel.


You’re bored. You’re stuck indoors. Here’s your guide to free streaming movies

How to pass the time at no extra cost (unless you count time spent watching ads).