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‘Relic’ pays a scary visit to grandma’s house

Directed and co-written by Natalie Erika James, it’s an exemplary entry in the New Horror canon.


Saluting Lucia Small; diving in; sign language

A retrospective of Lucia Small films, plus documentaries about a dive bar and Walter Mercado, longtime star of Puerto Rican TV.


It’s definitely closing time, so belly up to the bar for ‘Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets'

Filmmaking brothers Bill and Turner Ross set up a fictionalized situation, people it with real folks, and capture what happens on camera. The results here are funny, tender, terribly sad, and uniquely American.


In Focus: ‘The Vote’ looks back at what it took to get half of America the right to cast their ballots

The epic fight for women’s suffrage and the conflicts, compromises, frustrations, and sacrifices that it required are relevant and instructive today.

A museum for the movies, courtesy of Oscar

Check out some prize items from the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, set to open in Los Angeles next April.


Horizon event, a different beat, Q’ing up, the importance of starting early

"The Cost of Silence," "Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World," "Suzi Q," and "No Small Matter."


‘Force of Nature’ keeps you watching — and only partly in disbelief (and, yes, that guy with the beard is Mel Gibson)

Cops and tenants are stranded in an apartment complex while A) a hurricane rages outside and B) a crew of armed killers tries to rob the place.


This heroic American life in ‘John Lewis: Good Trouble'

The civil rights icon and US Representative makes for a great documentary subject.