This is interestingly specific. We’ve had prequel series about well-known characters such as Norman Bates (“Bates Motel”), Hannibal Lecter (“Hannibal”), and Carrie Bradshaw (“The Carrie Diaries”). Now Paramount Network has announced an upcoming series that gives us the origin story of Gal Love, the character played by Ray Winstone in the 2000 film “Sexy Beast.” The movie also featured Ben Kingsley and Ian McShane.

Remember? Odds are you don’t, since it was more of a cult movie — but perhaps that will make the series more watchable. Sometimes, when we know the ultimate fate of a character at the beginning of a series, the story is less compelling.


The 10-episode season, written by Michael Caleo, will look back at how Dove first entered into the criminal world of London, how he met the sociopathic gangster Don Logan (played in the movie by Kingsley, who was nominated for an Oscar), and how he fell for the porn actress who’d become his wife. No casting has been announced.