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Art Review

Illustrating the year 1969, when rad met trad

The Norman Rockwell Museum looks at the moon landing and Woodstock and much else.

Galleries | Cate McQuaid

Brilliant color, and glimmers of more

In Jodie Manasevit’s abstract canvases, the smack of incandescent color and the delicious goopiness of paint jolt you. Rubrics fall away. 

Art Review

At the ICA, more is more

Maximalism hasn’t been officially adopted by the art world. A new show makes the case why it should be.

Art Review

In Maine, a persistent vision amid the pines

A utopian art school notable mainly for its survival gets its due at the Portland Museum of Art.

Photography Review

Garry Winogrand, that master of black-and-white, was a master of color, too

A Brooklyn Museum show looks at a rarely seen side of the photographer’s work.

Photography Review

The uncommon power of Gordon Parks

A key sampling of the famed African-American photojournalist’s work is on view at Harvard University.

Art Review

At the Gardner: When some plans are bigger than others

“Big Plan: Picturing Social Reform” is interesting to look at and confusing to think about.


Artist digs into Bauhaus history at Harvard

“On the Wall: Elizabeth Corkery” is the first exhibition in Providence College Galleries’ yearlong “Beyond Bauhaus” celebration of the legendary German design school’s centennial.