Latest Headlines in Visual Arts

MFA’s Monet show is the escape everyone needs right now

Less pleasant will be landing tickets for this 150th anniversary show, which has been reimagined for the COVID era.


At Gallery Kayafas, a photographer follows poetry all the way home

Bruce Myren captured the lives and landscapes of Amherst poet Robert Francis.

7 small shows at the Griffin Museum of Photography look at one very big topic: war and its aftermath

Grouped under the heading “Tours of Duty,” the shows feature everything from portraits to conceptual works.

The MFA brings back ‘Elsa Dorfman: Me and My Camera’

The exhibition returns five months after the death of the Cambridge icon.


After backlash, MFA director vows to ‘get this right’ with Philip Guston show

An announcement came Thursday that the show will open in Boston in 2022.

Helen Meyrowitz launched a first-rate gallery at her Needham retirement community. At 92, she’s retiring with a solo show

“There is nothing like it in any other continuous care retirement community I know of,” said the community's CEO.


At Abigail Ogilvy Gallery, paintings for a bright, beautiful season under threat

Wilhelm Neusser's "The Sixth Season" takes its title in part from our own lost spring.

Where museumgoers can break with the utopian dream

"Visionary New England" at the newly reopened deCordova museum reviews the region's idealistic tendencies.