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US Embassy in Baghdad hit in Katyusha rocket attack

Five Katyusha rockets were fired at the fortified Green Zone in Baghdad Sunday night, one directly hitting the US Embassy building, Iraq’s security forces reported.

Worried reporters in Chicago make a plea: Please buy our newspaper

Editorial employees acted after it was disclosed that Alden Global Capital, a New York hedge fund, had acquired a large stake in Tribune Publishing, parent company of Chicago’s biggest daily.

Harry and Meghan’s big funding source is private. Sort of

In trying to prove that they would renounce taxpayer money, Harry and Meghan gave Britons a peek at the shadowy world of ostensibly private finance that bankrolls the family and its mansions, gardens, and considerable staff.


The suburbs are cheaper, but they don’t have what Kendall Square has for biotechs: serendipity

What makes it worth paying such high rents, when you can be in the suburbs for half the price? A dynamic that’s tough to put a price tag on: serendipitous interactions with people at other companies.

Clayton Christensen, renowned Harvard Business School professor, dies at 67

Christensen was perhaps best known by his famous theory about disruptive innovation.

Diverse, locally owned food start-ups make the menus at Harvard, UMass, and BC

CommonWealth Kitchen’s staff has a new strategy to help grow its small, mostly minority-owned food start-ups: Introduce them to the giant food service operations of Boston’s hospitals and universities.