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Car plant closings, corruption color Detroit Three-UAW talks

As the United Auto Workers and Detriot Three work to secure new labor contracts, their negotiations will be stained by myriad issues, including plant closures and corruption.

Weeks after it signed a $70m deal with Vertex, Kymera’s CEO is out

Laurent Audoly had led the company since 2017.

It was a parking lot. Now it’s a park, and the ‘center of gravity’ in reimagined Fenway neighborhood

Over the last two decades, developer Steve Samuels has transformed the Fenway neighborhood into a retail mecca. His latest project aims to add new vibrancy to the streetscape.

With a $5 billion fine, the pain may just be beginning for Facebook

Regulators and lawmakers in Washington, Brussels, and in countries including Canada have begun investigations and are proposing new restrictions on Facebook.

Scott Kirsner | Innovation Economy

In search of a ‘second city’ for New England startups

The region needs a lower-cost alternative to Boston for fledgling companies.

Michelle Singletary | The Color of Money

There is no shortcut to debt relief — so don’t believe the hype

The debt-settlement industry has been plagued for decades by shady practices and outright scams that take advantage of consumers distressed about their debt load, said one professor.


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