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After Roe, Dems seek probe of how Apple and Google use personal data

Online searches, period apps, fitness trackers and advice helplines could become rich data sources for such surveillance efforts.

More than 400,000 solar-powered umbrellas recalled over fire risk

Authorities have recalled more than 400,000 solar-powered umbrellas sold at Costco because of overheating and fire risks.

A proposed state law would make it easier to get a broken wheelchair fixed

Delays in getting broken wheelchairs fixed is a chronic and often demoralizing problem for people who depend on them, and proposed legislation would force manufacturers and providers to make quicker repairs.

Supreme Court’s Roe decision disapproved by majority in CBS poll

A CBS News poll suggested that a majority of Americans disapprove of the US Supreme Court’s decision overturning the constitutional right to an abortion, which is inflaming a partisan divide on display in comments by senior lawmakers.

Biden’s mission in Europe: Shore up alliance against Russia

President Biden is out to sustain the global alliance punishing Russia for its invasion of Ukraine as he embarks on a five-day trip to Europe as the 4-month-old war shows no sign of abating and its aftershocks to global food and energy supplies are deepening.

Gunmakers are fleeing the Northeast, complaining about the region’s tough gun laws as they go

Gun Valley is rapidly declining as more conservative states lure gun manufacturers away with promises of cheaper labor and energy costs, generous incentives, and more favorable gun laws.

Chasm opens between states over abortion pills and out-of-state care

The Supreme Court decision to strike down Roe v. Wade is expected to trigger new battles between red and blue states over abortion access, as women and advocates try to get around newly enacted bans by seeking the procedure out of state and using hard-to-trace medications.

Abortion ruling thrusts companies into divisive arena

A lot is at stake for companies, many of which have publicly pledged to promote women's equality and advancement in the workplace. For those in states with restrictive abortion laws, they could now face big challenges in attracting college-educated workers who can easily move around.