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Wall Street jumps 3.4%, and it actually holds this time

It was the latest about-face in a brutally volatile stretch for the US stock market, which has flip-flopped from gains to losses for six straight days.

Shirley Leung

Coronavirus could burn through Mass. unemployment insurance fund by summer

Economic forecasts are pretty useless, because there’s no precedent for what is happening. Still, there will come a day when the state’s unemployment insurance fund is depleted.

Dow jumps about 3.4 percent as investors show optimism on coronavirus trajectory

The Dow closed up around 780 points, or 3.4 percent, on Wednesday as investors focused on the optimistic side of data about the coronavirus outbreak’s trajectory.

Most NYC coronavirus cases came from Europe, genome researchers say

One of the first cases Heguy’s team sequenced, collected in early March, came from a Long Island resident with no travel history whose viral genome correlated with a strain circulating in England.

Biden could pick his running mate well before the Democratic convention

Joe Biden could announce his vice-presidential pick well before the Democratic National Convention in mid-August, he told supporters Wednesday just hours after opponent Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race.

US makes $490 million deal with GM for emergency ventilators

The US Department of Health and Human Services said it expects GM to deliver more than 6,000 ventilators to the Strategic National Stockpile of medical devices by June 1.

OSHA investigating Pennsylvania Amazon warehouse over coronavirus concerns

Amazon workers around the country have staged protests and walkouts to highlight their concerns about working conditions, including an inability to maintain social distancing guidelines, a lack of protective gear and hand sanitizer and lack of time to clean their hands.

Even as coronavirus deaths mount, governments eye exit strategies

Even as coronavirus deaths mount, the US and other governments are slowly beginning to envision an exit strategy and contemplating a staggered and carefully calibrated relaxation of the restrictions designed to curb the scourge.

Airlines to cut summer flights up to 90% with rebound far off

US airlines are starting to look past the coronavirus peak, anticipating a world where travelers remain leery about returning to the skies and flights are drastically reduced in the normally robust summer travel season.

Waltham biotech lands big partnership with Roche

Arrakis Therapeutics is working on small molecule drugs for hard-to-treat diseases.


TJ Maxx announced furloughs, pay cuts

WeWork has filed a lawsuit against SoftBank Group Corp., its biggest shareholder, after the Japanese investor scrapped a $3 billion agreement to buy stock from former Chief Executive Officer Adam Neumann and other shareholders.

Wall Street’s rally fizzles as oil prices suddenly plunge

A big rally on Wall Street suddenly vanished Tuesday, undercut in part by another plunge in the price of oil.

Trump allies put unproven coronavirus drug to work in Texas

The anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine can cause potentially dangerous side effects, including life-threatening irregular heart rhythms.

Check out the local winners in the Q1 stock-market bloodbath

Even in this, the even in this, the fiercest of storms, equity investors found some kind of shelter. Some companies, including several in Massachusetts, saw their shares rise while everyone else’s headed downward. fiercest of storms, equity investors found some kind of shelter.