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Latest Headlines in Economy

Boston Fed president Susan Collins remains upbeat on the economy

Susan M. Collins said Friday that she hopeful inflation can be tamed without triggering a painful recession.

Sharp drop in airfares cheers inflation-weary travelers

The glut of deals suggests that the airline industry’s supercharged pandemic recovery may finally be slowing as the supply of tickets catches up and, on some routes, overtakes demand, which appears relatively robust.

US consumer inflation eased in October, driven lower by cheaper gas, cars, and airfares

The latest price figures arrive as Fed officials are considering whether their benchmark interest rate is high enough to quell inflation or if they need to impose another rate hike in coming months.

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As Sullivan Tire is transferred to worker control, here’s what to know about employee ownership

Employee stock ownership plans are a way for business owners to share their success with workers and preserve what they built after retiring.

Powell urges Fed economists to be flexible on forecast methods

The Federal Reserve chair said the central bank must be willing to think beyond the complex mathematical simulations it traditionally uses to forecast the economy.

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It’s still a good time to jump on those 5 percent savings rates

The Federal Reserve may well be done hiking rates, forecasters say, but it won’t begin lowering them for a while.

Federal Reserve leaves its key rate unchanged but keeps open possibility of a future hike

The Fed said in a statement after its latest meeting that it would keep its benchmark rate at about 5.4 percent, its highest level in 22 years.

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The Federal Reserve isn’t sure where the economy going

Like the rest of us, the Fed is waiting to see what happens next, looking for clear evidence that inflation is in a sustained retreat before declaring inflation a thing of the past.