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Latest Headlines in Economy

US wage growth slowed in the final quarter of 2022

When restaurants, hotels, veterinary clinics, and other services companies raise pay, they often pass along those higher costs by charging their customers higher prices.


America is running out of working-age adults. Here’s how to solve the labor shortage.

There are two potential solutions to America’s incredible shrinking labor pool: Have more babies, or bring in more immigrants.

Smaller rate increase by Federal Reserve likely as inflation cools

Moving gradually will give Fed officials more time to assess how high rates need to rise and how long they need to stay elevated to fully wrangle inflation.

Larry Edelman | The 2-minute drill

These six charts show we’ve never seen a Mass. job market quite like this one

With much of 2022′s labor market data in the books, here’s the picture that emerges in Massachusetts.

Fed sees soft landing as silver lining of temp jobs decline

The drop in temp workers is being viewed as an indication that the Fed is making progress in its bid to ease a taut jobs market just enough to head off inflationary wage increases without triggering widespread layoffs.

US inflation and consumer spending cooled in December

The pullback in consumer spending will likely be welcomed by Fed officials, who are seeking to cool the economy by making lending increasingly expensive.

US economy slowed but still grew at 2.9 percent rate last quarter

The economy’s expected slowdown is an intended consequence of the Federal Reserve’s aggressive series of rate hikes.

Cost-of-living crisis overshadows climate, Davos report says

Climate change is the global economy’s biggest long-term challenge but one the world is least prepared to tackle because of short-term problems led by a cost-of-living crisis, the World Economic Forum said in a report Wednesday.