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Latest Headlines in Future of Work

As burnout mounts, push for a four-day work week grows

Making jobs more efficient and reining in time-creep is crucial for workers’ well-being, advocates note, and some employers are going to extremes by slashing time out of the long-established 40-hour work week.

For the transgender community, work can be a difficult world to navigate

Navigating the world of work can be enormously challenging for members of the transgender community, and changing jobs is especially tricky.

After the ride-hailing revolution, the taxi industry is reinventing itself

The Globe spent a day on the streets of Boston with a survivor of a brutal few years for the cab industry.

The union comes to Boston University dorms

Around 280 resident assistants announced Wednesday that they had formally organized and signed union authorization cards.

A push to make pay more transparent, and equitable, in Mass.

Bills recently reintroduced on Beacon Hill call for companies to provide pay ranges in job postings and make larger organizations’ collective wage data public — measures advocacy groups say would put job seekers on more equal footing.


Here’s why some young workers want to ditch ‘corporate-speak’

On my radar. Let’s close the loop. Low-hanging fruit. For young people entering corporate America, the jargon used in the office and on Slack is not worth circling back on.

Tewksbury day care closure shows a system on the brink

After 20 years in business, having survived the COVID shutdown and the stringent safety protocols that followed, the beloved Pattikakes’ daycare was beset by surging costs, plummeting revenues, and chronic staffing shortages.

When the union comes to a coffee shop near you

The closure of Darwin’s amid union activity highlights the often fraught relationship in independent cafes, when workers and owners stand side-by-side all day.