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Cybercriminals stole your personal data from Harvard Pilgrim? Here’s what to do.

Officials from parent company Point32Health said information stolen from Harvard Pilgrim’s system could include everything from patients’ names and Social Security numbers to data on their medical histories and treatments.

HIV rates in the US are dropping. Here’s why.

Massachusetts has seen a recent 15.7 percent drop in new cases, though that progress has not been evenly spread across ethnic and racial groups.


Hospitals in R.I. have tenants that are not exempt from real estate taxes. Lawmakers say it’s time for them to pay.

Up for a vote in the House on Thursday, proposed legislation would require businesses that are not tax exempt – but are renting space in nonprofit buildings – to pay property taxes.

FDA delays decision on Sarepta’s controversial gene therapy for muscular dystrophy

The agency was scheduled to rule on the Cambridge company’s medicine by Monday, but will now wait until June 22.

Billionaire Tim Springer donates $210 million to protein research nonprofit

The early investor in Moderna has made one of the largest donations in local life sciences to the Boston-based Institute for Protein Innovation.

After ransomware attack, state’s second-largest health insurer says patient data stolen

The data taken may contain personal information and potential protected health information, including names, Social Security numbers, and provider taxpayer identification numbers.

Blueprint Medicines says its newly approved drug for a rare life-threatening disorder could be a blockbuster

The Cambridge biotech’s treatment combats an immune and blood condition that causes severe allergic reactions to ordinary things, like a whiff of perfume or an elevated heart rate.

Black children are more likely to have asthma than kids of any other race in America

Asthma is treatable. But Black children often struggle to get treatment, and are more likely than white kids to end up in the emergency room with asthma symptoms.