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Latest Headlines in Technology

Innovation economy

These people have the inside take on Boston’s tech scene

Who are the central nodes in Boston’s tech network — the people who unfailingly know about funding rounds coming together, founders on the verge of being ousted, and acquisition whispers?

Tesla robot walks, waves, but doesn’t show off complex tasks

The basic tasks by the robot with exposed wires and electronics were a long way from CEO Elon Musk's vision of a human-like robot.

Ten things Elon Musk’s texts reveal about the Twitter deal

The texts show who wanted to be part of the buyout and reveal the inner circle’s musings on who should run the company if Musk did come to own it.

House approves scaled-down bill targeting Big Tech dominance

The bipartisan measure, passed by a 242-184 vote, pales in comparison with a more ambitious package aimed at reining in Meta, Google, Amazon and Apple and cleared by key House and Senate committees.


Boston startup aims to become ‘hospital of the metaverse’

Boston-based XRHealth offers physical therapy to patients through “extended reality,” which includes augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality.

Former eBay executive who ran scheme to harass Natick couple sentenced to nearly 5 years in prison

“It isn’t just one thing, we all do stupid things which are aberrational at moments, but this was a pattern of cruel conduct,” US District Judge Patti Saris said during a sentencing hearing. “I don’t even understand it all.”

Local cyber firm Recorded Future is helping Ukraine fight Russia

As the war in Ukraine has continued, Recorded Future chief executive Christopher Ahlberg realized the company could help the country defend itself, while at the same time supporting and growing its tech team there.

Boston cloud startup raises big round to take on Amazon and Google

Friend’s current startup, Wasabi Technologies, stores data for corporate clients on its own servers, competing with the three cloud-computing giants, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.