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Latest Headlines in Technology

The Nellie Bly is a self-driving tugboat that sailed around the coast of Denmark guided by on-board computers and human navigators in Boston.

Boston startup’s robotic tug completes 1,000-mile sea voyage

An automated tugboat controlled by software from Boston's Sea Machines arrived in Hamburg on Friday, the last stop on a 16-day voyage aimed at proving the practicality of self-driving ships.

Software startup EngageSmart CEO Bob Bennett at his office in Braintree. Earlier in his career he invented a combo fridge and microwave, the microfridge.

After inventing the ‘microfridge,’ a serial entrepreneur heads to the cloud

Bob Bennett’s Braintree software company, EngageSmart, recently went public at a valuation of $4 billion. The keys to his success: problem-solving and persistence.

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Passengers make their way to the Martha’s Vineyard Ferry after The Steamship Authority was hit by a ransomware attack.

A good year for cyber gangs attacking Massachusetts

State hearings are being held, legislation has been discussed, and there’s a refreshing clarity that local and state IT systems are outdated and the need to protect them is more urgent than ever.

Bauer Wine & Spirits on Newbury Street uses Drizly to reach customers online.

Uber completes $1.1b acquisition of Drizly, as cannabis marketplace Lantern is spun out

While Uber Eats is known for connecting people to local restaurants, during the pandemic it quickly expanded into alcohol, convenience, grocery, and retail products.

With cyber threats mounting, venture capital funding for security-tech companies is on the rise.

Boston cybersecurity ratings startup Black Kite raises VC round

The company plans to double or triple its local staff. Cybersecurity has been a hot sector locally, with startups such as Snyk, Aura, and BitSight raising hundreds of millions of dollars at a time.

Yamini Rangan (left) is HubSpot’s new chief executive, replacing founder and former CEO Brian Halligan (right), who is now executive chairman.

HubSpot stock soars on new payments offerings

The Cambridge company hit an all-time high since it went public in 2014, with a market value of $37 billion.

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The DraftKings logo.

Short sellers are coming for Boston tech

With Boston’s growing profile as a tech hub, some local high flyers are drawing the attention of firms that bet on stocks they think will fall.

Catalog head of molecular biology Tracy Kambara prepares Shannon, the first commercially viable automated DNA storage and computation platform for use

Can chemical computing in a test tube replace your PC?

With $35 million in new funding, Boston startup Catalog is looking to advance its DNA-based computing technology.