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During the coronavirus pandemic, Comfort Zone is a place to find ideas and tips for keeping ourselves, our kids, our minds entertained, or at least distracted.



Transgender model Valentina Sampaio to be featured in SI’s swimsuit edition

Valentina Sampaio made history Friday, becoming the first transgender woman to be featured in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, the magazine said.


Carissa Johnson’s music video captures Boston at the dawn of the pandemic

A drone took footage of the Boston singer-songwriter as she skateboarded through deserted city streets at sunrise.

I’m married, but still thinking about my work crush

I would enjoy his company (and enjoyed just looking at him).

Friendship for three leads to awkward triangle

Advice from Amy Dickinson.


Where to catch a drive-in movie this summer

Everything you need to know about drive-in theaters in Massachusetts, including which movies they’re showing, when the drive-ins will open, and how much they cost.


50 years later, the drive-in returns to Suffolk Downs

Catch a film from your car every Thursday until September.


UNIQLO and MFA partner up on more T-shirts featuring Japanese Ukiyo-e prints

Ukiyo-e prints were popular in the 19th century and normally depicted landscapes and urban scenes.

I want this long-distance relationship to be serious

We’ve spoken nearly every day.

Essays about life during COVID-19

The Boston Book Festival's community writing project comes to a close, with these short narratives by Major Marty Walsh and other Massachusetts residents describing what they've faced during this time and what they've learned.

My friend’s boyfriend kissed me

I know I deserve everything that is happening to me right now, but I hope that one day things will get back to normal.

WBUR launches virtual CitySpace Summer Camp

The six-week series aims to fill kids’ unoccupied hours.


Watch the library’s Concerts in the Courtyard on YouTube

Performers include pianist Jazzage, multimedia artist Lani Asuncion, guitarist Santiago Barragán, and the NorthStar Duo.


The best gear for getting outside

Whether you go car camping or off the grid, you don’t have to skimp: Bring a palatial tent, pack a real pillow, even throw in a portable pellet stove and toilet.


S’mores and more: Best camping spots in New England

Whether you're a reluctant camper, an avid cyclist, traveling with kids, looking for serenity, or traveling in an RV, we've got recommendations for you.

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