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Should your takeout packaging go in the recycling bin, compost pile, or trash can? Here are some tips

If you’ve brought your restaurant routine home during the pandemic, you may be wondering what to do with all of those disposables. We were wondering, too.


From patios to pop-ups, hotel chef David Bazirgan finds room to grow

Tourism is down, but at Bambara, David Bazirgan’s spirits are up.


Teas with Rwandan roots that aim to do good

Sales of 3 Mountains teas help fund Stender Delaney’s nonprofit Africa Healing Exchange.

A simmer sauce worthy of all the praise it’s getting

Sutter Buttes Indian Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce won the Specialty Food Association’s top “new product” award this year in the sauce category. There’s a good reason for that.

Make your own corn tortillas from (almost) scratch

Once you discover how easy it is to make fresh tortillas — and enjoy their toasty-warm corn flavor and alluring aroma — you won’t want to go back to supermarket brands.


Look for Time & Materials Beer, coming to you straight from a Reading garage

It’s in this garage that Brian Shirley tinkers with imaginative beers he’ll soon sell more regularly to the public.


At Mikkusu, a talented chef bides her time

Cloud & Spirits opens soon, but in the meantime, this temporary shop sells delightful Japanese sandwiches from Katie Cheung.


Celebrating the Irish poitín

The clear spirit is an ancestor of Irish whiskey, much like mezcal, which traditionally comes from small, family-run operations, is the forebear of tequila.

Restaurants we supported this week

Want to order from local, independent restaurants? Here are some suggestions from Globe staff.

Sandpiper Bakery is growing — and moving to Ipswich

Susanne Clermont and Molly Friedman needed a bigger kitchen for their croissants, cookies, sandwiches, and quiches. Soon they’ll add new cakes, tarts, soups, toasts, and salads.

Art and function in these flour sack towels

Pauline Stevens, a food photographer, has turned her photos into designs.

‘Eastern Standard will forever be the standard in our eyes’: Readers recall scenes from life moments, big and small

When news broke last week that Eastern Standard, The Hawthorne, and Island Creek Oyster Bar wouldn’t reopen, we asked readers to write in with their remembrances of the storied spaces. They delivered.