It was reunion week at the Toronto International Film Festival for a group of Bostonians who worked on the low budget, locally shot indie “Fat.” Writer and director Mark Phinney of Medford was so determined that members of the cast and crew attend the festival that he and his Los Angeles-based director of photography, P.H. O’Brien, drove 10 of them to Toronto in a van. The night after the film’s sold-out premiere, cast and crew were feted at a private party at Rock Paper Photo art gallery in downtown Toronto. Guests included the film’s stars, Mel Rodriguez and Joanne Verbos of LA, Jason Dugre, who grew up in Walpole, and Ashley Lauren of Somerville. Also on hand were producer Michael Gill of Brighton; assistant director Andy Rakich of Wayland; and Hull native Jay Cohen, who’s working on the film’s distribution. He hopes to get a deal this fall that will bring “Fat” to theaters in early 2014. The movie is about a man’s relationship with food and obesity.