The first trailer for Mindy Kaling’s ‘Late Night’ is here

The first trailer for Cambridge native Mindy Kaling’s new film, “Late Night,” hit the internet Thursday morning, and its breezy wit and easy laughs make it immediately apparent why the film was a hit at Sundance.

“Late Night,” which Kaling produced, co-wrote, and stars in, centers around a domineering late-night host (Katherine Newbury, played by Emma Thompson) who faces cancellation, and the only female writer in the room (Kaling), who’s brought in as a “diversity hire.”

Aside from dealing with Newbury’s abrasive manner, Kaling’s Molly Patel must endure the whispered opinions of her fellow writers, who believe her path to success was easier because she’s a woman of color. Kaling’s character alludes to this experience in the trailer.


“I know what everyone thinks of me,” she says. “But just because I was lucky enough to get this job doesn’t mean I’m stupid enough to lose it.”

Featuring a deep supporting cast that includes Amy Ryan (“Gone Baby Gone”), John Lithgow (“3rd Rock From the Sun”), Ike Barinholtz (“Blockers”), and Reid Scott (“Veep”), “Late Night” will hit theaters June 7.

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