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The return of Bill Weld in 2020? ‘Who knows?’ he says.

Former governor Bill Weld, who ran last year as the Libertarian Party’s vice presidential nominee, will address an international libertarian organization next week during a speech in New York, a sort of political re-emergence after Weld has spent much of the past year focusing on his business portfolio.

Might the famously peripatetic former chief executive again try his hand at electioneering, perhaps at the top of the Libertarian ticket, as many party activists wished he had last year?

“The most I’ve said is I’m still a Libertarian, and as the years roll by I’ll probably want to be involved in the discussion leading up to 2020, and supportive of the Libertarian Party efforts there,” Weld said last week during a phone interview, offering a sort of non-answer answer.


Pressed, Weld laughed, saying, “Who knows? I have no visibility on what’s going to happen in the next three years.”

Weld acknowledged that some had hoped he and Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico, had swapped spots on the ticket, but chalked it up to a geographical divide.

“People in the East wanted me at the top of the ticket, and people in the West said, ‘Gary, who’s this plant you’ve got?’” Weld said.

His Nov. 4 speech to the Students for Liberty conference at New York University is billed as a discussion on how to move past the country’s “hyperpartisanship” and as Weld’s first speech “since the election” last year.

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