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MBTA releases video footage of June Red Line derailment

The MBTA has released video footage of the June 11 Red Line derailment that wreaked havoc on commutes for days afterward. 2 hours ago

Orange and Red lines experience delays due to medical emergencies

The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority’s Orange and Red Lines were both delayed for about 20 minutes Friday due to medical emergencies, the MBTA tweeted.

12 people taken to hospital after hazmat situation at rooming house in South End

Eleven firefighters and a resident went to the hospital for evaluations after being exposed to noxious fumes at a rooming house in the South End. All of the residents were allowed back into their units.

Charlestown man with warrant nabbed at North Station after allegedly evading fare

A Charlestown man allegedly evaded a fare at the North Station T stop Thursday and gave MBTA Transit Police a fake name when they caught him, but authorities quickly determined his true identity and discovered he was wanted for other crimes.

Heat hacks: 12 tips and tricks to keeping your house cool

With 100-degree temperatures on the horizon, you’ll need to do everything you can to stay cool, so we’ve compiled some tips on how to beat the heat and keep your home as cool as possible.

No parole for ex-gang member who committed Holyoke slaying at 16 with sawed-off shotgun

Officials urged the man, who committed murder as a 16-year-old, to “refrain from engaging in anti-social behavior” and get treatment before he tries again to win his freedom in a few years.

Accused child rapist from Leominster arrested Thursday in Illinois after 6 years on the run

An accused child rapist from Leominster was arrested in Illinois after six years on the run - and just one month on the State Police Most Wanted list, State Police said.

In wake of horrific crash, Baker files legislation to strengthen commercial driver licensing

Acting in the wake of a horrific crash last month involving a Massachusetts man who should not have had commercial driver’s license, Governor Baker is proposing legislation to strengthen the state’s laws regulating such drivers.

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Who are you going to call when (gasp!) your kids have lice?

Lice Treatment Center Metrowest brings its services, and all-natural shampoo, to families, schools, and camps.

Five elderly siblings reunited in Peabody

“We started our lives together and we are so lucky to be ending our lives together,” said Mary Cena, 92.

Should the MBTA proceed with a pilot plan for daily commuter rail service to Gillette Stadium?

Read two views on the question and vote in our online poll.

Once an immigrant, now she helps others

Once an immigrant, Saska Icitovic of Lynn now helps others who fled oppression in their native lands.

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