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Woonsocket tells drivers with out-of-state plates: We know you live here, so pay up

Woonsocket Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt and Police Chief Thomas F. Oates III announced the latest sweep on Wednesday, in the city’s ongoing crackdown on residents with out-of-state plates.


Six months with no one at the wheel in Rhode Island

The “Little Roady” self-driving shuttles that you see puttering around downtown Providence didn’t make it out in the snow Tuesday morning.

R.I. Hospital president to leave as Lifespan announces losses, offers early retirements

Margaret M. Van Bree, president of Rhode Island Hospital and Hasbro Children’s Hospital since 2015, will leave those posts at the end of this year, the company told the Globe Wednesday.

Doughnuts on Thanksgiving? Yes, on the I-195 bridge in Providence

Rhode Island State Police say they are looking for the drivers who started spinning doughnuts in the middle of the westbound side of the Providence River Bridge.

Rhode Island schools aren’t required to teach civics. A lawsuit wants to change that.

The state is asking the federal court to dismiss the case, saying the plaintiffs haven’t explained precisely what they mean by “educational adequacy.”


A cybersecurity researcher used a small R.I. town to point out a big problem

A cybersecurity researcher used a small town in the smallest state to demonstrate that it’s way too easy to clone the town’s real website.

Rhode Island EMS crews brought patients to the hospital with misplaced breathing tubes: None of them survived

In the world of emergency medicine, an unrecognized esophageal intubation is a “never event,” meaning that it shouldn’t happen under any circumstances. In Rhode Island, it’s occurred 12 times in the last three years. In each case, the patient died.

A misplaced breathing tube can be fatal

EMS agencies perform intubations to help restore breathing to cardiac arrest patients. New studies show patients fare as well or better with less-invasive alternatives.


Don’t rage -- engage: This Classical grad explains how to make real change in the age of Twitter

Do you begin your day by checking your Twitter feed for the latest political outrage out of Washington? Do you jump on Facebook to cheer or boo, argue and debate? Do you rage to friends and family about President Trump -- or the Democrats opposing Trump? If so, you might be engaging in “political hobbyism.”

Developer proposes Pawtucket soccer stadium as part of $400m project

The project will require $70 million to $90 million in public investments, mostly from the state.

Equity Institute CEO offers recommendations for recruiting teachers of color in Providence schools

This week we hear from Karla E. Vigil, chief executive officer of the Equity Institute, an education-based nonprofit.