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Never mind ‘House of Cards.' You can livestream R.I.’s latest political drama

Judge finalizes plans for the Oct. 5 trial of political operative Jeffrey Britt, charged with money laundering to aid House Speaker Mattiello’s 2016 campaign.


Rhode Islanders can be cynical, but we’re also surprisingly trusting

We have more faith than the average American in doctors, scientists, police, the media, and even social media companies to do the right thing to best handle the coronavirus.


‘Wish you were here’ -- Postcards exhibit merges past and present

A new interactive exhibit at Roger Williams Park turns a walk in the park into a tour through historic postcards.


A lawsuit against the former Bristol town official accused of raping a boy has been dismissed

David E. Barboza and his accuser, Robert Powers, agreed to dismiss Powers' lawsuit with prejudice, meaning it cannot be filed again on the same grounds.


Police charge ninth man in alleged gang rape of underage girl in Providence

Providence police said new evidence led them to arrest a 20-year-old Providence man Wednesday.


Providence sees ‘clear patterns’ of teachers who didn’t contact students for virtual learning

The district reported that 699 elementary school students were absent on Monday, out of 3,000 students who are enrolled in virtual learning.


Nine R.I. students and teachers who were in school this week have tested positive for COVID-19

Governor Gina Raimondo said she believes schools can remain open because the state has a system that will prevent new cases from turning into an outbreak.

The Venus de Milo closes, and Rhode Island loses a little piece of its history

For decades now, the Venus de Milo banquet hall, a former duckpin bowling alley on Route 6 in Swansea, has provided the stage for some of Rhode Island’s most uproarious and memorable political moments.


Way too many Rhode Island restaurants have closed this year

The latest heartbreaker in Providence was birch, which announced Tuesday that it will close its doors next month. Sadly, it won’t be the last.


Back off of Venezuela already

The American campaign against socialist leader Nicolás Maduro is only hurting the people of the country.


Providence is considering a guaranteed income program for certain residents

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza was already among the first municipal leaders in the country to take a hard look at reparations for people with African or Indigenous heritage. Now he’s advocating for a guaranteed income for Providence residents.