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More Rhode Island Arts Headlines

These maps show when foliage will peak in New England — and across the country

Not all foliage is created equal, and each region is expected to peak at different times.


Did Jackie almost leave Jack at the altar in Newport?

A new book claims that the future First Lady thought about canceling the wedding for the entire week leading up to the ceremony.


Downpour at PVDFest leaves business owners with thousands of dollars in damaged merchandise

“Every artist out there got all of their livelihood pretty much destroyed in one afternoon,” one painter said. The city said it would not reimburse vendors for damages.


Jimmy Buffett’s final live show was a surprise performance at a Rhode Island restaurant

The legendary singer-songwriter died this month following a long battle with cancer. His final performance was at the Sunset Cove in Portsmouth, R.I., on July 2.


For emerging musicians, booking a show can be challenging. One R.I. startup might have a solution.

Sterling Stiger is the co-founder of Featr., a one-stop matching platform that pairs musicians with local performance venues and recording studios.


Gamm Theatre looks to new executive director to ‘reinvigorate’ post pandemic

Fall River native Jason Cabral believes theater is more important than ever. “We’re losing that sense of connection. We’re losing that sense of empathy and compassion, and theater grounds us in that opportunity ... to understand one another.”


New Providence sculpture will honor renowned Black artist Edward Mitchell Bannister

On the Rhode Island Report podcast, artist Gage Prentiss and R.I. PBS Weekly co-host Pamela Watts talk about the sculpture that will be unveiled Sept. 10 in front of the Rhode Island School of Design.


Paramount+ releases ‘Good Burger 2′ trailer

From the very first frame, Rhode Island is front and center.