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More Rhode Island Business Headlines


Hospitals in R.I. have tenants that are not exempt from real estate taxes. Lawmakers say it’s time for them to pay.

Up for a vote in the House on Thursday, proposed legislation would require businesses that are not tax exempt – but are renting space in nonprofit buildings – to pay property taxes.


R.I. Assembly should pass bills to count co-pay assistance toward a patient’s insurance deductible

Medications can be expensive, and the out-of-pocket costs significant. Proposed legislation would require that any third-party assistance count toward a patient’s deductible or maximum out-of-pocket costs.


48 states, D.C. file lawsuit against Avid Telecom over billions of illegal robocalls

The complaint alleges that Avid Telecom sent or attempted more than 24.5 billion calls nationwide, among them, 25 million calls to numbers in Rhode Island.


Citizens Financial to pay $9m to settle consumer-protection lawsuit

A consumer watchdog alleged in a 2020 lawsuit that the Providence, R.I.-based bank violated consumer-protection laws, including the Truth in Lending Act.


R.I. is bracing for a potential federal default

What would happen in Rhode Island if the debt ceiling fight isn't resolved? State officials are preparing for the worst.


With customers pinched by inflation, Hasbro CEO regards competitors as ‘more Unilever and General Mills’ than toy makers

Almost a year and a half after he took over the company, Hasbro CEO Chris Cocks also said he is doubling down on his focus on gaming products and collectables geared toward older audiences.


Could Rhode Island become New England’s next life sciences hub?

R.I. Speaker Shekarchi introduced legislation this week to create a quasi-public corporate body and agency of the state for the life sciences. R.I. biotech leaders say the building out the infrastructure to grow the industry is much needed.


Will R.I.’s overdose prevention center counter overdose deaths amid the opioid epidemic?

A Brown professor who studies the impact of overdose prevention centers hypothesizes that the nation’s first state-led effort in Providence could be an effective strategy to help mitigate the overdose crisis and save lives.