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Latest Headlines in Obituaries

Jango Edwards, clown who challenged his art form, dies at 73

He helped lead a back-to-basics revival of clowning, embracing a thread of transgressive traditions running from medieval court jesters to Weimar burlesque to Jerry Lewis.

Robert Klane, writer of ‘Weekend at Bernie’s,’ Dies at 81

A comic novelist, screenwriter and filmmaker, Robert Klane, had a taste for gleeful vulgarity and wrote the screenplay for “Weekend at Bernie’s,” the 1989 cult film about two young insurance company employees who create the illusion that their murdered boss is still alive.

Victor Fuchs, a pioneer of health-care economics, dies at 99

A Stanford University economist, Victor Fuchs sought to explain why Americans don't live longer, healthier lives despite spending a fortune on health care.

James Hoge, who led NYC, Chicago tabloids, dies at 87

A blue-blooded editor and publisher of blue-collar newspapers in Chicago and New York for a quarter-century, James Hoge then long guided a leading journal on international relations.

Buddy Teevens, gridiron innovator and iconic Dartmouth football coach, dies at 66 after bicycle accident

He won five Ivy League championships with the Big Green but more importantly was responsible for advances in player safety.

Roger Whittaker, balladeer with an international following, dies at 87

The British singer's ballads and folk songs caught the sentiments of perfect summer days and last farewells.

Jules Melancon, oyster farmer who tried something new, dies at 65

Mr. Melancon spent most of his life farming oysters the old-fashioned way, working a dredge across the bottom of the shallow waters of the lower Mississippi River Delta. Then he became one of the first in a new way of oystering: farming the bivalves.

Irish Grinstead of R&B group 702 dies at 43

The trio was known for its 1999 hit “Where My Girls At?”