Latest Headlines in Obituaries

Hodan Nalayeh, Canadian-Somali journalist called a trailblazer, dies at 43

As bombings and attacks rocked Somalia in recent years, Canadian-Somali journalist Hodan Nalayeh found what she believed was a higher calling: showcasing the hidden beauty of her homeland and its people.

Anita Epstein, who chronicled her infancy during the Holocaust, dies at 76

Months after Eda Kuenstler’s liberation from concentration camps, she appeared at the home of a Catholic family in Poland to reclaim her daughter. Anita, then 3, did not recognize her as her mother. She already had a mother.

Fernando Corbató, a father of your PC — and password, dies at 93

An MIT professor, he oversaw a project that allowed multiple users in different locations to access a single computer simultaneously through telephone lines.

Paul Benjamin, ‘corner man’ in ‘Do the Right Thing,’ dies

In a career that lasted almost half a century, he also appeared on screen opposite Clint Eastwood and other stars and was frequently seen on television.

Janne E. Nolan, principled adviser on world affairs, dies at 67

Ms. Nolan, an expert on international affairs and arms-control issues, lamented the reluctance of skeptics to speak out against policies they believed to be wrong.

Fernando de la Rúa, ill-fated president of Argentina, 81

Mr. De la Rúa resigned as president amid one of the most spectacular economic collapses in modern history.

Phil Freelon, architect who helped design Smithsonian’s African American Museum, dies at 66

His firm specialized in designing public buildings, including other cultural centers devoted to black life in Baltimore, Atlanta, Charlotte, and San Francisco.

Vivian Perlis, oral historian of American music, dies at 91

Mrs. Perlis founded Yale University’s Oral History of American Music, which collected audio and video interviews that she directed for more than 40 years.