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Latest Headlines in Politics

Boston City Council set to vote Wednesday on new district map, with bitter disagreements still unresolved

After more than six hours of confrontational testimony and bitter debate during a hearing Tuesday, it remained unclear exactly what the proposed map will look like, and how much support it will draw from councilors.

Amy Carnevale was elected to clean up the Mass. GOP. She’s got her work cut out for her.

The new party chair knew when she took over in February that her job was to rebuild the party. But even she didn’t realize the scope of the mess she inherited.

Immigration advocates ‘hopeful’ new Healey hires will bring better coordination to migrant response

She’s plucked the new hires from the front lines of dealing with Americas broken immigration system — two heavily involved in nonprofit work and one with more than two decades of experience defending immigrants in court.

Healey picks veteran state lawmaker for new rural affairs director post

Senator Anne Gobi, a Spencer Democrat, will serve as an advocate and ombudsman for economic development in the state’s 160 rural towns.

It started as a promise over Celtics tickets. But for Rachael Rollins, it got a lot more complicated.

A Boston Celtics staffer later sent two free tickets to Rachael Rollins’s personal e-mail with a face value of $350 each, according to the report.

Michelle Wu says Boston is getting close to securing permits to rebuild Long Island Bridge

The mayor also mentioned the possibility of ferries, however.

On Beacon Hill, backroom infighting over committee rules spills into public, reveals simmering House-Senate tension

The bickering has injected a highly unusual level of drama into the typically drab legislative process, and pulls back the curtain on long-simmering tensions between the Massachusetts Legislature’s two chambers.

Boston Common rally protests GOP efforts to force US to default on debt

“You shouldn’t have to demand that the GOP stop extorting American families and yet here we are, less than two weeks from unprecedented catastrophe,” said Representative Katherine Clark, the House Democratic Whip.