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Missed connections: Irregular timings can leave Nubian Station MBTA riders waiting and chasing buses

More often than not, the 16 MBTA bus routes that pass through Nubian Station are behind schedule during rush hours. The delays, and occasional early departures, can jeopardize trips for passengers at this central transportation hub in Boston.

Failed cable triggered shutdown of multiple MBTA lines; cause under investigation, officials say

MBTA general manager Phillip Eng said T investigators have concluded that one of seven cables connected to an electrical substation at North Station failed Thursday morning for reasons that are still not known.

‘Oh look, we moved one station.’ MBTA passengers vent online over widespread delays.

"Love that our service was closed for a month to come back to this," one person quipped.

Maine Senator Angus King pushes back against federal directive discouraging entertaining electric signs on highways

In a pun-laden missive, Senator Angus King on Wednesday pressed Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to not “sanction or discourage” states from using humorous electronic signage to broadcast road safety messages on the highway.

‘We are not the MBTA we were in 2015′: T says it was ready for big snowstorm that never came

The crackling of radios and scratching of pencils on notepads could be heard between occasional directives — “you’re clear” — as the agency’s nerve center went through what was supposed to be a brutal storm. It wasn't.

Is Healey willing to raise taxes to fund the T long-term? The governor will ‘wait to see’ what a panel says.

“I’m not going to comment on hypotheticals until I see things,” Governor Maura Healey said Monday.

The T is on track to be broke soon. There’s no long-term fix.

The state’s largest public transit system estimates a yawning budget gap of $628 million come July, and top leaders have failed to advance any long-term solutions.

Woman killed in Middleborough crash with UPS truck

Police responded to the crash on Wareham Street shortly after 3:15 p.m.