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Chad Stahelski, co-director of the film, "John Wick," demonstrated proper gun handling during a training session at 87Eleven Action Design in Inglewood, Calif., in 2014. Guns used in making movies are sometimes real weapons that can fire either bullets or blanks, which are gunpowder charges that produce a flash and a bang but no deadly projectile.

Let computers do it: Film set tragedy spurs call to ban guns

With computer-generated imagery, it seems the sky’s the limit in the magic Hollywood can produce. Elaborate dystopian universes. Trips to outer space, for those neither astronauts nor billionaires. Immersive journeys to the future, or back to bygone eras.

Caden Gentry, 6, at the unveiling and dedication of a US Colored Troop Soldier statue in Franklin, Tenn., Oct. 23. Some residents want the local monument to a Confederate soldier removed. In the meantime, the town erected a statue of the Colored Troops soldier, broadening the way the community memorializes the Civil War.

Remove a Confederate statue? A Tennessee city did this instead

For decades, when Hewitt Sawyers drove past the monument of the Confederate soldier standing tall in his city’s public square, he felt the weight of slavery’s long shadow.

Chanting "White lives matter!" and "Jews will not replace us!" several hundred white supremacists carrying torches march in Charlottesville, Va., the night before the Unite the Right rally.

Victims of Charlottesville rally argue the violence was planned

The violent rally started with a mob of men brandishing burning torches in the heart of a US city while chanting racist, antisemitic slogans, and it ended with a woman murdered, scarring a nation. Now, more than four years later, a civil trial starting Monday in Charlottesville, Virginia, will revisit those unsettling events.

English singer Ed Sheeran performs his new album in The Qube by Qmusic in Amsterdam on October 5, 2021.

Ed Sheeran has COVID, will do performances from home

British pop star Ed Sheeran said Sunday he has tested positive for COVID-19 and will do interviews and performances from his house while he self-isolates.

Ruth Jones stacks folded laundry in as her husband, James Jones, prepares a meal at their home in Charleston, W.Va., on October 21, 2021.

Senator Joe Manchin wants to restrict who gets the child tax credit. These West Virginians may pay the price

Thousands of West Virginians have had their financial burdens eased since July by monthly federal payments, championed by the Biden administration, to support families with children. Now, however, those funds - which total $500 a month - could vanish if lawmakers agree to the demands of their own senator, Joe Manchin III.

Vanessa Bryant speaks during a celebration of life for her husband, Kobe Bryant, and daughter Gianna in Los Angeles on Feb. 24, 2020.

Vanessa Bryant, in deposition, describes learning of deaths of Kobe and Gianna

Bryant’s deposition comes at a crucial point in the case and amid an escalating battle between the lawyers over the scope of what Los Angeles County and the other defendants can request of Bryant, other plaintiffs and witnesses.

Duane Dewey, Medal of Honor recipient with ‘a body of steel,’ dies at 89

Duane Dewey, who received the Medal of Honor for smothering a grenade with his body to save fellow Marines during the Korean War, and whose recovery from grievous injuries led President Dwight D. Eisenhower to quip, "You must have a body of steel," died Oct. 11 at a nursing home in St. Augustine, Fla. He was 89.

in September, a student had his temperature taken as he arrived at PS811 in New York.

Disruptions to schooling fall hardest on vulnerable students

Even as schools have returned in full swing across the country, complications wrought by the pandemic persist, often falling hardest on those least able to weather them.