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USDA proposes changing school menus to allow more fries and fewer vegetables

USDA Deputy Under Secretary Brandon Lipps announced new proposed rules for the Food and Nutrition Service that would give schools the ability to sell more pizza, burgers, and fries to students.

Virginia urges justices to uphold weapons ban at gun rally

The state insisted it was necessary to prevent a repeat of deadly violence that erupted at a white nationalist rally more than two years ago.

Supreme Court will hear whether states may punish electoral college members who ignore popular vote results

Lower courts have split on the question, and both red and blue states urged the justices to settle the matter in advance of the ‘‘white hot’’ glare of the 2020 election.

Jury of 7 men, 5 women selected for Weinstein rape trial

Jury selection was an arduous, two-week process in which scores of people were dismissed because they had already made up their minds about the disgraced Hollywood mogul.

11 troops injured in missile strike on U.S. base in Iraq, reversing assurances of no injuries

Eight of the service members are being assessed for concussion-like symptoms after the blasts, said Jonathan Hoffman, the chief Pentagon spokesman. Three others sought behavioral-health treatment to cope with the bombardment.

US to screen airline passengers from China for new illness

Health officials announced Friday that they will begin screening airline passengers arriving from central China for a new virus that has sickened dozens and killed two, prompting worries about a new international outbreak.

Pigeon wearing tiny sombrero discovered in Reno, Nev.

The sighting comes after a pigeon in Las Vegas with a miniature cowboy hat glued to its head died earlier this week, animal officials said.

Senate opens Trump impeachment trial as new Ukraine revelations emerge

Senators accepted the promise to deliver “impartial justice” and installed Chief Justice John Roberts as the presiding officer on Thursday..