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Eye drops linked to US drug-resistant bacteria outbreak

US health officials are advising people to stop using over-the-counter eye drops that have been linked to an outbreak of drug-resistant infections.

High court offers bonuses, debt relief to lure police hires

Supreme Court police officers last fall staffed a table at Washington’s armory, where runners picked up their numbers and T-shirts for the Army 10-Miler road race. The officers were promoting an entirely different kind of competition, seeking to recruit new officers in a tight employment market.

Police say Oregon shooting suspect ‘contained’ in his house

Police in Oregon said Thursday that a suspect in what they had described as an active shooter situation was “contained in his house,” in the small city of Hood River.

The gas industry is under fire. It’s hiring Democratic politicians to help.

At a time when many other Democrats fault natural gas for fueling climate change, former senator Mary Landrieu from Louisiana frames it as a solution.

NJ councilwoman found shot to death outside of her home

Authorities have not made any arrests or said whether they believe the motive for the killing might be personal, political, or a random act.

Florida could end unanimous jury requirement for executions

Republican legislators, at the governor’s urging, introduced legislation to allow the jury to choose the death penalty with only eight of the 12 jurors in favor, which would make Florida the only state to use that standard.

College enrollment stabilizing after years of steep declines, data show

The report, a closely-watched indicator of sector-wide trends, suggests the stunning loss of students in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic is abating.

Family pleads for answers after California police fatally shoot double amputee

Anthony Lowe, a double amputee who used a wheelchair, was fatally shot and killed by two police officers after they approached him as a suspect in a reported stabbing.