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House voting on expelling Representative George Santos from Congress

The first-term Republican congressman is at grave risk of becoming just the sixth member of the House to be ousted by colleagues.

Retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman on the Supreme Court, has died

O’Connor’s nomination in 1981 by President Ronald Reagan and subsequent confirmation by the Senate ended 191 years of male exclusivity on the high court.

Harris heads to Dubai to tackle delicate tasks of talking climate and Israel-Hamas war

Vice President Kamala Harris will try to demonstrate environmental leadership despite President Biden‘s absence from an annual summit on climate change and she’ll work to nudge forward fragile efforts to shape the next phase of the Israel-Hamas war.

DeSantis and Newsom lob insults and talk some policy in a faceoff between two White House aspirants

In an alternate reality, the prime-time showdown between California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom and Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis could have been a preview of a 2024 general election debate.

Senate Democrats authorize subpoenas in the Supreme Court ethics probe. GOP won’t back enforcement

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have voted to authorize subpoenas for two prominent conservatives who arranged luxury travel and other benefits for Supreme Court justices.

George Santos refuses to resign, warns his expulsion from Congress would set a precedent

The Republican congressman could become the sixth member of Congress to have been expelled by colleagues. The House is expected to vote on one of the resolutions to remove him on Friday.

McCarthy claimed Trump was ‘not eating’ after leaving office, Cheney says

In her new book, Cheney, perhaps the country’s most vocal anti-Trump Republican, reports that McCarthy justified the Jan. 28 visit as an act of compassion for a beaten ally.

Court restores gag order in Trump civil fraud case

The court in a two-page decision upheld New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron’s set of orders that prevented Trump and his defense team from mentioning the clerk, who has been the subject of antisemitic and other threats and messages since the case began.

‘The only eulogy to Henry Kissinger worth reading’: Anthony Bourdain’s scathing comments about diplomat resurface

“Once you’ve been to Cambodia, you’ll never stop wanting to beat Henry Kissinger to death with your bare hands,” the chef wrote in his memoir.

Six takeaways from Liz Cheney’s book assailing Trump and his ‘enablers’

Former Wyoming representative Liz Cheney's new book offers a rare peek inside the Republican cloakroom at what she heard from her colleagues about “the Orange Jesus,” as one wryly called Donald Trump.

Henry Kissinger’s ties to Harvard date back to the 1940s when he was a star student, then a young professor

Before his time as a diplomat and presidential adviser, Kissinger was a Harvard man whose undergraduate thesis earned him widespread acclaim, though his relationship with the university would become more complicated in later years.

Appeals court reinstates gag order that barred Trump from maligning court staff in N.Y. fraud trial

A New York appeals court Thursday reinstated a gag order that barred former president Donald Trump from commenting about court personnel after he disparaged a law clerk in his New York civil fraud trial.

Cities must replace harmful lead pipes within 10 years under new Biden administration plan

It is the strongest overhaul of lead rules in more than three decades and will cost billions of dollars. Pulling it off will require overcoming enormous practical and financial obstacles.

McCarthy privately recounts terse phone call with Trump after ouster

During the call, the former president detailed the reasons he hadn’t intervened during the effort to remove Kevin McCarthy as speaker.

RFK Jr.’s campaign spending is as unconventional as his run for president

Running for president as a political neophyte, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s campaign has been financed by millions in donations from a motley group of supporters that include a sizable group who share Kennedy’s vaccine skepticism.

Indian official plotted to assassinate Sikh separatist leader in New York, US prosecutors say

An Indian government official directed a $100,000 plot to assassinate a prominent Sikh separatist leader in New York City after the man advocated to establish a sovereign state for Sikhs.