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Pentagon says 34 US troops had brain injuries from Iran’s strike

After the first reports that some soldiers had been hurt, President Trump referred to them as “headaches” and said the cases were not as serious as injuries involving the loss of limbs.

A 2-minute wrap up of Thursday’s impeachment trial

“Trump put himself first,” ahead of US policy and the national interest, said Representative Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and lead Democratic prosecutor.

‘You know that what he did was not right’: Schiff appeals to, pleads with Senate in Trump impeachment trial

California Democrat Adam Schiff has set the tone of the prosecution's case, working methodically to convince even his most ardent detractors that Trump deserves to be removed from office.

Now on Trump’s team, Alan Dershowitz says, ‘I haven’t changed’

President Trump’s attorneys say attorney Alan Dershowitz will have “discrete functions that they will be addressing" at trial.

Democrats warn of ‘bogus, Kremlin-pushed’ Ukraine theory in Trump impeachment trial

Democratic House prosecutors argued in President Trump’s impeachment trial on Thursday that he was swept up by a “completely bogus” Ukraine theory pushed by attorney Rudy Giuliani.

The final countdown in Iowa

Dispatch from Storm Lake: Small-town editors make the tough decisions on presidential endorsements

Just as the Democratic presidential candidates sought the coveted nod from The New York Times, they have also sought the endorsement of the Storm Lake Times in Iowa.

Watch live: Day three of opening arguments in the Senate impeachment trial

The House impeachment managers are making their second day of arguments. Watch the proceedings live.

‘Pettifogger’ and other impeachment trial words send people running to their dictionaries

Would you have the temerity to be a dilatory pettifogger? Merriam-Webster says the impeachment trial of President Trump is a “linguistic cornucopia” and it’s sent people running to their dictionaries.