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Baker details plan to reopen Massachusetts
The highly anticipated road map, which Baker laid out Monday, outlines four phases of re-opening, each lasting for at least three weeks. (Photo: Nicolaus Czarnecki/Pool, Video: Handout)
This is what it’s like to get tested for COVID-19
Somerville offered all residents free testing, regardless of whether they’re showing symptoms of COVID-19. So I took them up on the offer. (Video by Steve Annear and Shelby Lum|Globe Staff)
An hour on the COVID ICU overnight shift
Bianca Dintino's overnight shift as the COVID ICU charge nurse is a steady stream of patient alarms and PPE quick changes at Tufts Medical Center May 4. (Video by Caitlin Healy/Globe Staff, Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff)

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White House strips CDC of control of coronavirus data

The Trump administration has ordered hospitals to bypass the CDC and send all coronavirus patient information to a central database in Washington beginning Wednesday. The move has alarmed health experts who fear the data will be politicized or withheld from the public.

A list of current travel advisories due to COVID-19 in the Northeast

Here are the current travel advisories in Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.


USTA cancels multiple national championships, but keeps US Open on schedule

New York's Grand Slam is still in line to be played Aug. 31, but a pair of events in Rhode Island earlier in the month are off.

Renée Graham

The perfect storm: Fauci’s truth vs. Trump’s lies

Fauci is being punished by the White House and its schlock troops for the greatest sin in Trump’s world — telling the truth.

Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine prompted an immune response in all 45 trial subjects

“No matter how you slice this, this is good news,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, the US government’s leading infectious disease specialist, said of the development.

Canada, US, and Mexico poised to keep their shared borders closed until late August

The US, Canada, and Mexico are poised to extend their agreements to keep their shared borders closed to non-essential travel to Aug. 21, officials said Tuesday. The agreements would extend the closures by another 30 days.

Walsh says US coronavirus situation is ‘devastating,’ warns of risk of ‘moving backwards’ in Boston

The mayor said it's imperative that residents of Boston continue to take precautions to prevent the coronavirus from flaring up again.

Mass. reports 203 new confirmed coronavirus cases, 10 new deaths

Meanwhile, three key metrics that state officials are looking at for the state’s phased reopening dropped, while one remained steady.