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John Kelly

Federal agency should honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice

American Battle Monuments Commission should help Gold Star families honor the fallen buried overseas by reinstating, and encouraging the use of, its discontinued floral program.


When clinics can’t afford to keep detox and rehab beds open, state policy needs to change

Substance use should be treated like other mental health care.

Wes Ely

As long COVID turns three, Americans play disability roulette

An ICU physician, I’ve had a front row seat to the heartbreak of the past three years.

Alex Beam

Everyone is getting into the trademark game

Because — why not? There is ample precedent for what sound like frivolous filings with the US Patent and Trademark Office.


How Tina Turner helped Black girls and women feel free

The iconic performer followed no path but her own and gave many of us the courage to do the same.


Ron DeSantis’s ill-conceived campaign

The Florida governor tries to take on Trump without offending MAGA.


An unfinished piece of criminal justice reform business: Raising the age for juvenile offenders

New research supports a new approach to dealing with young adults before they get caught up in the prison system.

Joan Wickersham

Don’t call my breasts ‘boobs.’ It’s degrading.

The tone of the word “boobs” is jaunty and jokey and a little bit tough: women taking back and wielding a word that was once used to demean us. But the word is still degrading.