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Does the Fed actually care about unemployment?

The Federal Reserve’s insistence on raising interest rates in this economy is antithetical to one of its two main objectives.

Kimberly Atkins Stohr

Will a new census proposal bring needed visibility — or racialized blowback?

It would give better visibility to populations long ignored or mischaracterized in federal demographics data. It would also decrease the white population count at a time when the backlash against the racial justice movement is particularly palpable.


MassGOP draws the curtain on Jim Lyons’s clown show

The new chairwoman has longer vintage as a Donald Trump supporter than does Lyons but, wondrous to relate, can claim some interpersonal skills. Plus, she thinks there is actually some value to having a party that can win elections.

Gordon Hanson

Avoiding job loss in the transition to renewable energy

Policy makers must act now to blunt job losses by being prepared to offer much more help to workers who are affected by mass layoffs.


Listen to Gaza’s quiet dissenters

A remarkable series of videos amplifies the voices of Palestinians who yearn to be liberated — from Hamas.


GOP establishment hedges on Trump

Few speak the unvarnished truth: A man who betrayed democracy should be rejected out of hand.

John Tierney

The not-so-secret secret about those classified documents

The government needs classification reform to ensure transparency and an enlightened citizenry, to make certain that public officials continue to act in the best interest of the nation, and to document historical activities to inform future decisions and policies.


Why I won’t watch the Tyre Nichols video

In 2020, we were promised a reckoning. All we’ve gotten are more Black people killed by police.