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Columns are written by Globe Opinion staff columnists. Op-eds are written by outside contributors. Both represent the views of individual writers.

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Gordon Hanson

Avoiding job loss in the transition to renewable energy

Policy makers must act now to blunt job losses by being prepared to offer much more help to workers who are affected by mass layoffs.


Biden finally pulls the plug on COVID state of emergency

Nearly eight months after President Biden affirmed on national TV that the pandemic had ended, he will finally lift the declaration of emergency.


Listen to Gaza’s quiet dissenters

A remarkable series of videos amplifies the voices of Palestinians who yearn to be liberated — from Hamas.


GOP establishment hedges on Trump

Few speak the unvarnished truth: A man who betrayed democracy should be rejected out of hand.

John Tierney

The not-so-secret secret about those classified documents

The government needs classification reform to ensure transparency and an enlightened citizenry, to make certain that public officials continue to act in the best interest of the nation, and to document historical activities to inform future decisions and policies.


Why I won’t watch the Tyre Nichols video

In 2020, we were promised a reckoning. All we’ve gotten are more Black people killed by police.


Wu wants to cut fares at Boston’s commuter rail stations. Is that really a good idea?

It’s pretty rich to say the proposal’s purpose is “to promote fare equity” when the main beneficiaries are riders in West Roxbury, Roslindale, Hyde Park, and Readville.

Joan Vennochi

What makes David Sabatini think he deserves a second chance after his #MeToo downfall?

He still doesn’t get the impact on anyone’s life beyond his own. “My life was 100 percent destroyed,” he told the Globe.