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Kevin M. Simon, Kevin B. Churchwell, and Alastair Bell

We as a community need to address gun violence

Gun violence is a significant driver of increased rates of trauma-related mental illness.

Alexis Sargent

Negligent parents should be held responsible when their kids kill

Jennifer Crumbley’s failure to safely store the gun she and her husband purchased for their son, who went on to shoot and kill four classmates, was at the center of her recent trial.

Leonard Saxe

As antisemitism spikes in US, Presidents’ Day reminds us of our nation’s values

A Jew, George Washington proclaimed, would be able to “sit in safety under his own vine and fig tree … [with] none to make him afraid.”


Today’s voters would be wise to heed the critics of ‘Old Tippecanoe’

No one as old as William Henry Harrison had ever run for president. Even his supporters knew that was a problem.


Beyoncé is releasing a country album. Nashville had better buckle up.

This isn’t the first time the singer has embraced country music, but its mostly white fan base has yet to embrace her.

Elizabeth Warren and Charles E. Schumer

Biden has done much to relieve student debt, but he can do more

He needs to cancel even more student debt.


¿Son los inmigrantes un beneficio o una carga?

Como persuadir a políticos y votantes antiinmigrantes del valor agregado de la migración.


Are immigrants a burden or a benefit?

How to persuade anti-immigrant politicians and voters of the added value of newcomers.