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Latest Headlines in Letters

A view of the Massachusetts State House and the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge behind it.

Hold off on implementing state’s charitable tax deduction

The benefits would will go overwhelmingly to the highest-income households and would do little to increase giving to Massachusetts charitable organizations.

The site of the proposed landfill near Forest Lake is the valley at center left. Casella Waste Systems is proposing building the first new landfill in New England in decades in Dalton, N.H.

Breaking the waste chain, from trash in Mass. to landfills in N.H. to packaging in Maine

We need to stop producing so much garbage. We also need to deal better with the waste we do create.

In this file photo, John D. O'Bryant player Nicholas Centeio heads back to the locker room at the end of a November 2019 game against Boston Latin Academy in the Boston City League North title game at Madison Park.

Those opposed to changes on exam schools are missing a key piece: equity

When every school in BPS educates every child equally and when hidden bias and prejudice are uncovered and dealt with, then maybe a lottery would work for these advanced academic institutions of learning.

Girls pose for a selfie on Red Square next to St. Basil's cathedral in Moscow on July 21.

There’s value in remaining open to Americans visiting Russia

The United States and Russia remain the world’s nuclear superpowers. Mutual communication will always be requisite to understanding, cooperation, and security.


A summer camp closed abruptly — it’s not the end of the world

If there is a culprit here, it is the coronavirus pandemic.

The moon rises over the steeple of the Burns Library on the campus of Boston College in this April 2020 file photo. Some parents of BC students are angry that the school is insisting that students returning to campus be vaccinated.

A nasty strain of vaccine resistance among some Catholic parents

Barney Frank once said that there are some who seem to believe that "life begins at conception and ends at birth." This vaccine refusal is a perfect example.

Participants in the American Exchange Project at a church in Louisiana.

In bridging partisan divide, project’s teen participants point the way forward

The more ordinary citizens can listen to and understand diverse viewpoints as well as see each other as fellow humans, the better chance we have to lessen the country’s ingrained partisanship.

Newtok, Alaska, as seen from a plane in 2015 in Newtok, Alaska. A replacement village called Mertavik is slowly taking shape nine miles away.

As climate crisis reveals, we’re lousy at dealing with slow-onset emergencies

The fact that we are in a climate crisis at all speaks volumes to how governments, nations, and people process slow-onset emergencies. Simply put, we don’t.