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Climate and the fight of our lives

The climate crisis is now an emergency. We believe solutions must begin here, in our communities, state, and region. Globe journalism will shine light on obstacles to decisive action, illuminate paths toward solutions, and hold to account elected leaders responsible for guiding us to a better future.

Latest climate stories

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Healey administration seeks $250 million in federal funds to boost grid for offshore wind

The money would help fund $1 billion in upgrades to handle power coming from waters south of Massachusetts.

France and Germany show no sign of agreement on role of nuclear in clean energy

France and Germany are showing no sign of nearing a compromise on the role of nuclear energy in the European Union’s transition to cleaner energy, highlighting the challenge faced in reaching a deal in the coming weeks to push ahead with the bloc’s Green Deal package.

Why are skies hazy in Mass.? Blame smoke from Canadian wildfires, experts say.

Hazy skies and a reddish sunrise can be traced back to heavy smoke from wildfires sweeping through parts of Alberta, said Kyle Pederson, a meteorologist with National Weather Service in Norton.

Germany rejects criticism it watered down language on gas at G7 summit

The German government is rejecting criticism that it pushed to weaken existing commitments for phasing out natural gas at a summit of leaders from the Group of Seven major industrialized democracies.


As Everett power plant shutters, some worry LNG terminal will be next to go

The LNG terminal’s fate could become the latest flashpoint in New England’s seemingly endless debate about shifting away from fossil fuels.

Plan to expand hangar space for private jets at Hanscom sparks concerns about a surge in climate pollution

Private jets are among the most polluting forms of transportation on the planet, catering mainly to the wealthy and powerful, and in recent years, their use has soared at airports such as Hanscom Field.

Shorebird species along the Atlantic are in decline, study finds, telling the story of a planet in peril

Some species experienced more than 50 percent losses since 1980, according to researchers from the United States and Canada who analyzed nearly four decades of observations.

Global temperatures will likely soar to record levels in next five years, new analysis says

Temperatures are likely to soar to record highs over the next five years, driven by human-caused warming and a climate pattern known as El Niño, forecasters at the World Meteorological Organization said Wednesday.