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Yodny Cajuste at a glance

West Virginia offensive lineman Yodny Cajuste at the NFL Combine.file/michael conroy/Associated press/Associated Press

Pick: Third round, No. 101

Position: Offensive lineman

College: West Virginia

Height: 6-5; Weight: 312


Sports a well-distributed, almost shockingly athletic frame for his size with no extra weight around his middle. Up to the challenge of trading jabs with pass rushers 50 pounds lighter than him, showing light feet, active hands and a competitive nature. Quick off the snap in pass protection, generating depth in his kick-slide and often landing a forceful first punch to remind pass rushers that they are in for a battle.

Cajuste is equally combative in the running game, firing off the ball to initiate contact and working to finish his blocks. He shows some knee bend to win the leverage battle, as well as the hip snap to create torque and movement. Where he gets himself in trouble is occasionally ducking his head on contact — leaving him vulnerable to over-arm swim moves — and extending his long arms (34”) too far in last ditch efforts to control opponents.


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