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Zimbabwe says 200 elephants have now died amid drought

More than 200 elephants have died amid a severe drought, Zimbabwe’s parks agency said on Tuesday, and a mass relocation of animals is planned to ease congestion.

Deal with Taliban will free American and Australian professors, officials say

The Afghan government and the Taliban agreed on a prisoner exchange that would free American and Australian professors who were abducted by the insurgents more than three years ago.

UK’s Labour Party hit with two cyberattacks in 24 hours, weeks out from general election

The attacks interfered with party websites and slowed some campaign activities, officials said, flooding them with fake traffic in an effort to crash the party’s computer servers.

Rare deer-like species photographed for first time in wild

A tiny deer-like species not seen by scientists for nearly 30 years has been photographed in a forest in southern Vietnam.

Photos: Tourists, Venetians slosh through a flooded lagoon city

Tourists and Venetians alike have donned high boots and taken to raised walkways to slosh through the high water that has hit much of the lagoon city.

Afghanistan releases three Taliban prisoners in hopes of exchange for held American, Australian

President Ashraf Ghani says his government has released three Taliban figures in effort to have the insurgents free an American and an Australian professor they abducted in 2017.

Morales of Bolivia accepts asylum in Mexico

The former president, who faced weeks of protest, said he had been forced out in a “coup.” He leaves Bolivia in a power vacuum, with politicians scrambling to form a caretaker government.

A day of violence and anger in Hong Kong

A police officer shot a young protester, while a man arguing with demonstrators was set on fire. Both are fighting for their lives.