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To influence El Salvador, China dangled money. The US made threats.

For most of the past decade, the United States watched with unease as much of Latin America was pulled into China’s orbit through a growing network of trade and loans — which Washington did little to confront.

Egyptians protest after viral videos allege taxpayer funds stolen for lavish palace, hotel

A series of audacious videos posted by a former government contractor on his Facebook page have blown open the clandestine world of the Egyptian army and riveted Egyptians and the broader Arab world.

Police use tear gas in Paris amid an array of protests

Paris police said at least 39 people have been arrested and 596 security controls have been implemented.

Iraq detains suspect in deadly bombing that killed 12

The blast was one of the biggest attacks targeting civilians since the extremist Islamic State group was declared defeated inside Iraq in 2017.

As Taiwan loses influence, China gains ground in race with US

In its contest with the United States for influence in the Pacific, China is quickly gaining momentum.

History’s biggest Arctic expedition launches to explore climate change

Hundreds of scientists are about to strand themselves in sea ice in the North Pole — an ambitious effort to understand the consequences of a changing climate in the fastest-warming part of the globe.

Turkey: Bloomberg journalists on trial for report on economy

Two reporters for the US-based Bloomberg news agency appeared in court on Friday accused of trying to undermine Turkey’s economic stability with a story they wrote on last year’s currency crisis.

Hong Kong police ‘tortured’ and beat protesters, Amnesty says

The rights group said it shared its findings due to the urgency of the situation, while police lamented the absence of key details that they said would allow them to verify the accusations.