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Latest Headlines in World

Hezbollah and Israeli troops exchange fire along the border as 2 people are killed in Lebanon

The woman’s death raised to at least 15 the number of civilians killed by Israeli strikes in Lebanon over the past eight weeks.

Israel’s next aim is southern Gaza. US urges restraint.

Even before a temporary truce between Israel and Hamas expired early Friday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had pledged to fight “until the end.”

The Philippines opens a new monitoring base on a remote island in the disputed South China Sea

The Philippines plans to expand joint patrols with the United States and Australia to counter China’s “pure bullying” in the strategic waterway, a Philippine security official said.

A tense climate summit begins against a backdrop of war and record heat

With dire warnings of planetary catastrophe and urgent pleas to protect vulnerable populations, world leaders Friday implored one another to stop burning fossil fuels and swiftly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are dangerously heating the planet.

Japan expresses concern about US Osprey aircraft continuing to fly without details of fatal crash

Japan’s top government spokesperson expressed concern on Friday that the US military is continuing to fly Osprey aircraft in the country without providing adequate information about a fatal crash this week in southwestern Japan despite repeated requests that it do so.

11 civilians are killed in an attack by gunmen in Iraq’s eastern Diyala province

Security officials say 11 people have been killed in an attack by a group armed with explosives and guns in eastern Iraq.

Ukraine’s Zelensky says the war with Russia is in a new phase as winter looms

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says the war with Russia is in a new stage, with winter expected to complicate fighting after a summer counteroffensive that failed to produce desired results due to enduring shortages of weapons and ground forces

Families reunite with 17 Thai hostages freed by Hamas at homecoming at Bangkok airport

Seventeen Thai workers released from captivity by the militant Hamas group have been greeted by family and friends, officials and journalists in an emotional homecoming at Bangkok’s international airport.