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China imposes sanctions on senators Rubio, Cruz over Xinjiang advocacy

Months of growing animosity between Beijing and Washington escalated again Monday, when China slapped sanctions on four US officials, including three Republican members of Congress, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared most of China’s maritime claims in the South China Sea ‘‘completely unlawful.’’

Taliban stage a major attack, as violence intensifies in northern Afghanistan

Insurgents bombed the entrance of an Afghan intelligence complex in a provincial capital, then stormed the offices in a sustained gun battle, killing at least 11.

After tight race for Polish president, Andrzej Duda wins second term

The close fight revealed deep divisions, but Duda’s victory cleared the path for Poland’s government to continue with a nationalist agenda that critics fear is undermining democratic institutions.

China sanctions Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Chris Smith, Sam Brownback for criticism

China said Monday it will impose sanctions on three US lawmakers and one ambassador in response to similar actions taken by the US last week against Chinese officials.

Poland’s momentous presidential runoff too close to call

An exit poll for Poland’s presidential runoff Sunday showed a race that is too close to call between the conservative, populist incumbent and the liberal, pro-Europe mayor of Warsaw — a battle that reflected the deep divisions in this European Union nation.

Coronavirus surge in Eastern Europe prompts new restrictions

Countries in Eastern Europe are facing rising waves of coronavirus infections, leading to riots in Serbia, mandatory face masks in Croatia, and travel bans or quarantines imposed by Hungary.

Nearly 600,000 vote in Hong Kong prodemocracy primaries

Hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong residents turned up over the weekend to vote in an unofficial primary election.

Misaligned radar responsible for downing of Ukrainian passenger jet, Iran says

Iranian investigators blamed the downing of a Ukrainian passenger jet over Tehran earlier this year on the misalignment of an air defense unit’s radar system in a report issued late Saturday.