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Boris Johnson’s condition improving in ICU as UK coronavirus deaths rise to record number

The national picture, however, is bleaker, with a record 938 people dying of the virus in the 24 hours to 5 p.m. on Tuesday.

Photos: Largest supermoon of the year rises around the world

Here are some striking photos of the "Pink Moon" from Boston and beyond.


With Johnson ailing, UK faces a leadership quandary

The British government hurtled into uncharted territory Tuesday, with its foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, taking up the day-to-day duties of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was being treated in an intensive care unit as he battled a worsening case of the coronavirus.

China ends Wuhan lockdown, but normal life is a distant dream

In the city where the coronavirus outbreak was first reported, the reopening of outbound travel won’t end hard times, wariness, or confinement.

Bangladesh arrests fugitive killer of independence leader

Police in Bangladesh arrested a fugitive killer of the country’s independence leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on Tuesday, nearly 45 years after the brutal assassination, the country’s home minister said.

Afghan-Taliban talks over prisoner swap collapse, threatening to upend U.S. peace deal

The Taliban halted prisoner swap negotiations with the Afghan government Tuesday after accusing leaders in Kabul of refusing to comply with a key part of the U.S. peace deal - a major setback to what many hoped would be start of formal talks between the two Afghan sides.

Ecuador’s former president convicted on corruption charges

Rafael Correa was sentenced to eight years in prison, a blow to a charismatic yet divisive leader and his hopes to lead the nation again.

Europe’s nursing homes in spotlight for uncounted coronavirus dead

Nursing home deaths have come to represent a significant hidden toll from the pandemic in Europe, since many elderly were never tested for the coronavirus, were never hospitalized and their deaths were never counted in official virus tolls.